How Old Is Jennifer Lopez and What’s Her Ethnicity?

Jennifer Lopez is a singer, dancer, model, and actress with a career spanning more than 30 years. As a singer, she’s best known for her popular hit “Jenny From The Block,” as well as “Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” and “If You Had My Love.” As an actress, Lopez is best known for her appearances in movies like Gigli, The Boy Next Door, The Cell, Maid in Manhattan, Second Act, and Selena.

Recently, Lopez has been making headlines for two very exciting — but very different — reasons. First, her long-time boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, proposed to her. Second, J-Lo has an upcoming movie called Hustlers where she plays a stripper. However, just how old is Jennifer Lopez and what’s her ethnicity?

How old is Jennifer Lopez?

Lopez was born on July 24, 1969, in the Bronx, New York. This makes the actress 49 years old, with a big 50th birthday looming on the horizon. Many will find this number unbelievable, as J-Lo looks as good (if not better) than women half her age. This supposed fountain of youth has not come easily, however. Lopez is well-known for taking great care of her body through self-care, dieting, and exercising.

What is Jennifer Lopez’s ethnicity?

Despite having played Mexican-American superstar, Selena, Lopez is of Puerto Rican ethnicity. Her parents, Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez, were born in Ponce, Puerto Rico — the second largest city in the country. As children, both of Lopez’s parents moved with their respective families to the United States and eventually met in New York.

When did Jennifer Lopez begin her acting career?

Lopez’s feature film debut was in the 1995 film, Mi Familia. That same year she appeared in Money Train, alongside Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. The following year she made an appearance in Jack, which starred the late comedy icon, Robin Williams.

It wasn’t until 1997 that Jennifer Lopez got her big break in the starring role of Selena. The film was a biopic of the Tejano star, who was killed much too soon by an over-obsessed fan.

When did Jennifer Lopez begin her singing career?

Lopez released her debut albumOn The 6, in 1999. Her first album included the single “If You Had My Love.” This effort was quickly followed by a Sophomore album, J-Lo, in early 2001. It was in 2002, with the release of her third album, This Is Me… Then, that she released her popular hit single “Jenny From The Block.”

Lopez has since gone on to release a total of eight studio albums and 63 singles in the years to follow. Four of those singles peaked at the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100. These include “I’m Real” (2001), “Ain’t It Funny” (2002), “If You Had My Love” (1999), and “All I Have” (2003).

What’s next for Jennifer Lopez?

Besides planning her wedding with Rodriguez and raising their beautiful blended family of four children, Lopez has stayed quite busy in her career recently. Set to debut in 2020, Lopez will be portraying a stripper-turned-hustler in the movie, Hustlers. She will be starring in the film alongside the talents of Cardi B, Julia Stiles, and Lili Reinhart. She also has an upcoming made-for-television movie coming up, called Bye Bye Birdie Live!

Lopez is also working as an executive producer on both films, as well as a television series called Good Trouble. The television series has recently wrapped up it’s first season, but the second season is set to air in June of this year – and it is assumed (although not confirmed) that Lopez will continue in her producer role. J-Lo is also still working on the popular competitive dance television series, World of Dance

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