How Old Is Tina Fey, and How Many Kids Does She Have?

30 Rock’s Tina Fey and Saturday Night Live’s hot shot composer, Jeff Richmond, have a pretty impressive relationship. They’ve been together for just shy of two decades. Throughout the course of their relationship, they’ve done a great job of setting an example of how a Hollywood couple can complement each other on the job.

They have more than just successful careers at their back too! Fey and Richmond’s personal lives have been fantastic and their relationship with each other and their children are continuously evolving in the best of ways. 

Alice Richmond is Tina Fey’s firstborn

Fey and Richmond gave birth to their first child, Alice Zenobia Richmond, back in 2005. At the time the couple had been married for about four years, meaning they had plenty of time to really bond before bringing their first child into the world. Alice has had a pretty awesome life with her top-notch comedian mother. She had an adorable cameo on 30 Rock where she played a MUCH younger Liz Lemon in the episode, Mazel Tov, Dummies!

Alice even managed to steal some of the spotlight at the 2014 SAG Awards. When her dear mom was announced as a nominee for Best Actress in a Comedy her daughter beamed at the camera when it settled on them. But things took a hilarious turn when the winner, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, was announced. Twitter had a ball with the super expressive mini Fey. A few years have passed since Alice stole the hearts of millions, now she’s a “grown” thirteen-year-old.

Fun Fact: Alice gets her middle name, Zenobia, from her grandmother on her mother’s side — Zenobia Xenakes. 

After Alice came the adorably hilarious Penelope

Hollywood’s perfect couple gave birth to their second child Penelope Athena Richmond in 2011. At that point, Fey and Richmond were together for basically a decade. They also were already pretty experienced parents thanks to them nailing the first six years of little Alice’s life. 

Where did Fey get the inspiration for her awesome name? Both names reflect Fey and her daughter’s Hellenic heritage. The name Penelope was rather popular among the British back in the day but had a resurgence in more recent times (thanks Penélope Cruz). Athena, of course, is a classic Greek name hailing from the Goddess of Wisdom and War. Both names are incredibly eloquent. 

While Fey may be one of the busiest women in the industry, she makes sure to carve out time for her little girls. Just last year the amazing mother celebrated Penny’s 6th birthday at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Pictures snapped show the entire family had a blast at the Los Angeles amusement park. A giant gift bag shows the birthday girl definitely got her fair share of wizardry gifts out of the trip. Little Penny will be seven years old.  

How old is Tina Fey?

The Mean Girls mastermind has been making people laugh in Hollywood since she was hired on as a writer by Saturday Night Live in 1997.  Coincidentally, her husband was also hired by SNL as the head composer. Without the NBC series having them both come to New York City for work who knows what would have happened in either of their love lives!

When Fey was taken on by SNL, she was just a few years from the big three-O. She slaved away producing comedic genius for them as a head writer up until 2006. Fey continued to work with them off and on all the way up until 2017! She also put a fair share of her own projects out into the ether as well. Now Fey is coming up on her 22nd year in Hollywood and her 49th birthday on May 18th! Happy early birthday Ms. Fey!