How Prince William Touching Another Woman’s Breast Saved His Relationship With Kate Middleton

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge are one of the world’s most iconic couples. Although they seem happier than ever these days, that doesn’t mean their relationship came without any trials or tribulations.

William and Kate once broke up in 2007, and it had to do with him touching another woman inappropriately at a club. But it might have actually his saved his relationship with Kate.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton started dating in 2002

When William first arrived at Scotland’s University of St. Andrews in 2001, he and Kate met right away. But at first, they weren’t more than friends. Both were seeing other people, and although they had a lot in common, nothing turned romantic for quite some time.

Once William saw Kate walking in a campus fashion show in 2002, though, his view changed. She instantly went from a friend to something more, in his mind. The two began dating shortly after, and so began nearly a decade of ups and downs before the two finally wed in 2011.

William had a lot on his mind in his 20s

Though William and Kate’s relationship seemed strong, it didn’t come without its own set of challenges. Though William loved Kate, he often felt claustrophobic during his 20s and wasn’t ready to settle down. In 2004, after the two had been living together for a while, William called off the relationship because he felt stuck. But it didn’t last long; the two were back together shortly after, with William apparently realizing he’d made a mistake.

For a couple more years, things were looking good. But as pressure started to mount for William to propose, he took another step back.

William’s inappropriate behavior might have saved his relationship

In 2007, William was stationed several hours away from Kate for his military training. And while there, he started to get a bit rowdy on weekends. He’d go to bars with friends and flirt with other women. And one weekend, he came back to London to go to a club and never met up with Kate. After William was photographed with his hand on another woman’s breast while out, their relationship fell apart.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton in one of their first public appearances as a married couple in 2011 | Indigo/Getty Images

But, surprisingly, William’s actions might have actually been what saved them. The two took a much-needed two month break while William got his head straight. And he quickly realized that he needed Kate in his life. The break ended up being the best thing for them. After they got back together a few months later, they never split up again. And William assured Kate that she was the one, despite taking his time to propose.

Still, Kate was slow to take him back for a second time. She’d already been hurt twice, and there was likely uncertainty about whether William would do it again. But taking things slow might have also helped the couple patch things up even better than they did the first time. A little more than three years later, William finally proposed, and he and Kate tied the knot in April 2011.