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Chelsea Handler allowed guests to smoke marijuana in the dressing rooms of her talk show. When noted marijuana enthusiast Snoop Dogg was a guest, he left his mark on Handler’s studio for months after. 

Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler | Greg Gayne/Netflix

Handler was a guest on Anna Faris’s podcast Anna Faris Is Unqualified on June 29 to promote her latest book, Life Will Be the Death of Me. She told Faris about her experiences with marijuana and how she was no match for Snoop Dogg’s. 

Chelsea Handler was using marijuana before Snoop Dogg was on her show

Handler told Faris how marijuana was helping her. She traded her prescription medication for a cannibis prescription.

I’m very passionate about cannibis because cannibis has been a great pivot from pharmaceuticals. Now cannibis affords the same kind of effects pharmaceuticals provided. Cannibis offers taking the edge off, helping you sleep. For me, patience is a real issue when I’m talking to people I’m not interested in. If I have the right edible thay’s microdosed and tells me exactly what kind of mood it’s going to put me in, I can talk to almost anybody for an hour at least. That’s a patience I didn’t have. 

Chelsea Handler, Anna Faris Is Unqualified podcast, 6/29/2020

Cannibis has also replaced Handler’s social drinking. Snoop Dogg still does both, as evidenced by songs like “Gin and Juice”

“I used to drink a lot and now I don’t because cannibis has kind of taken front and center because it’s just more pleasant,” Handler said. “I remember everything. I’m not bloated anymore and I’m softer and easier. I’m not jumping down people’s throats because I no longer have that anger.”

Chelsea Handler is open to making her guests comfortable 

When it came to Snoop Dogg smoking in the dressing rooms, Handler explained she understood how different guests needed different things to make them comfortable. 

“A quality that was difficult was when people were nervous,” Handler said. “It’s not like you dislike that, because you can understand that, but it was hard to deal with in certain times, to deal with people’s nerves to get them to relax, or have a drink, calm down. It should be a fun experience.”

Chelsea Handler talk show
Chelsea Handler | Greg Gayne/Netflix

Handler had no catch-all explanation for what made some guests clam up. So she trusts them to bring their own comfort tools, as Snoop Dogg did.

“I’ve gone to meet somebody in the guest room and I’ve been like oh my God, they’re going to be awesome,” Handler said. “They’re totally super confident in the dressing room and then when they come out in front of a live audience, it’s a sh*t show. And the opposite, where people have been really nervous backstage and then they come out and they’re great. It’s not scientific. It kind of throws you off and it shouldn’t. A host should be able to navigate no matter who. You have to accommodate for different people.”

Snoop Dogg bringing marijuana was not unusual for Chelsea Handler

Handler allowed many of her guests to bring marijuana before the show. Snoop Dogg was the only one who’s cannibis remained after he left.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg | Juan Ocampo/NHLI via Getty Images

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“I had a lot of guests that brought a lot of weed and I rspected that,” Handler said. “Once we had Snoop Dogg come to the show and literally we did not get the smell of cannibis out of the whole entire building for probably two to three months. It smelled and reeked because he was there for 17 hours and was smoking the entire time. Guests that are going to bring something like that to the table, then I’m open to that.”