How Tall Are ‘Property Brothers’ Jonathan and Drew Scott?

Property Brothers stars Jonathan and Drew Scott have made a name for themselves through their hit HGTV show. Their careers have since led to spinoffs, magazine features, and even music deals.

Perhaps part of the reason the brothers are unique is because they’re identical twins. But there’s one small difference between the two that makes them not quite identical — their height.  

Jonathan and Drew Scott in New York City in 2015
Jonathan and Drew Scott in New York City in 2015 | Jim Spellman/WireImage

Drew and Jonathan Scott are twin brothers in the real estate industry

When Drew and Jonathan Scott first stepped onto the HGTV scene, people were instantly intrigued by their appearance. The brothers are identical twins who were born and raised near Vancouver, British Columbia. Drew and Jonathan both pictured themselves as actors, but they ultimately ventured into real estate to make money in case they didn’t land any acting jobs.

Fast forward to 2011, and the brothers seemed to get the best of both worlds. The two began starring in the HGTV show Property Brothers, which allowed them to build their real estate empire while also exploring a career in entertainment.

The show originally premiered in Canada, where the Scott brothers were noticed because they’re twins who both work in real estate. And from there, the brothers’ entertainment dreams came to life.

'Property brothers' stars Jonathan and Drew Scott in New York City in 2020
‘Property brothers’ stars Jonathan and Drew Scott in New York City in 2020 | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Meredith Corporation

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Drew and Jonathan Scott aren’t actually the same height

Drew and Jonathan have gone their whole lives expressing to others that they’re identical twins. And from a DNA standpoint, that may be true. Of course, their identical appearance and equal love for the real estate industry (Drew buys and sells the homes while Jonathan does the remodel) is what helped put them on the map. But it turns out these two tall brothers aren’t actually the same height.

Drew and Jonathan Scott are often substantially taller than their clients. It turns out Drew is 6’4” — but his brother stands one inch taller at 6’5”, according to House Beautiful. These are some tall twins, considering the average Canadian male’s height is only 5’10”.

However, Drew doesn’t believe that Jonathan is one inch taller. “That’s because of his hair, and also he wears these high-heeled fancy boots,” Drew once said in a video for HGTV. Rather, Drew claimed in the same video that he is actually the taller one.

The brothers also have another, non-famous sibling

Drew and Jonathan might be famous twins, but they actually have another sibling. The brothers have an older brother, JD Scott. JD lives in Las Vegas, near Drew and Jonathan. Though JD doesn’t appear on Property Brothers, he’s still incredibly close with his younger brothers.

Similarly to his brothers, JD always envisioned himself in the entertainment industry — and he made that a reality. JD has written and produced various films and shows, and though he might not be as well known in front of the camera, he’s made a name for himself behind the scenes.