How Tamar Braxton Fell Back In Love With Music

Tamar Braxton has become the queen of reality television, working with her famous family and having two of her own successful spinoffs. But she’s always maintained that music has been her first love. 

Tamar Braxton
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After releasing several albums, she shocked fans when she announced in 2017 that she’d never record another. She seems to have had a change of heart after teasing a new track to an upcoming film soundtrack. 

Tamar Braxton announces ‘Bluebird Of Happiness’ would be her last album

After the massive success of Braxton’s sophomore album Love & War, the three-time Grammy-nominated released a holiday album and followed that up with Calling All Lovers. Braxton became severely ill during the promotion of Calling All Lovers, which contributed to the album not doing as well as she’d hoped it would. Still, she geared up for the release of her fifth studio album. 

She took to Instagram in September 2017 and announced that her upcoming album Bluebird of Happiness would be her “best and last album.” She explained to Billboard why it would be her final album, saying,

“Me and my husband work really, really close together and we have a lot of projects that we’re working on and I’m most passionate about singing and writing, performing. And anything that I can do to alleviate the stress from that onto my marriage, then I’m here for.”

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Season 5 of Tamar & Vince chronicled her marital issues with her ex-husband, Vincent Herbert. It was revealed on the show that she decided the album would be her last due to an ongoing argument on Herbert’s refusal to step down as her manager.

Braxton filed for divorce from Herbert a month after the album was released.

Tamar Braxton says creating song for ‘True to the Game 2’ made her fall back in love with music

Though Braxton said the album would be her final full-length recording, she insisted she was not retiring from music altogether. At the time of its release, she was preparing to tour with Xscape and Monica. 

“I’m not done with music. I’m a musical girl and I’m going on tour,” she said. “And, I’ll still write for other people and things like that.” 

But while working on the upcoming film True to the Game 2, Braxton was approached by the film’s producer, Manny Halley, about performing on the album’s soundtrack and after hearing the single, she was on board. 

“This is like one of the first songs that I hadn’t written before,” Braxton told Billboard. “My publisher actually played this for me, and Manny [Halley] had called me about doing a song for the soundtrack…. And once he played it, I instantly thought it would be a good fit for the movie.” 

The song, “Crazy Kinda Love,” was released on Mar. 6 on all digital streaming platforms. It has the same melody as Whitney Houston’s “Saving All My Love For You.”

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Braxton also has a small part in the film and says though she enjoyed the process of acting, contributing to the soundtrack was the icing on the cake.

“This song and this whole project really got me into recording again and wanting to be an artist,” she gushed. “And I never thought that I wanted to have a record or to even have that kind of passion, and because of this film and because of this particular record has made me fall in love with music again.”

Will Tamar Braxton be releasing any new music?

Braxton released several visuals for tracks on the Bluebird of Happiness album and has toured has extensively since. However, she has not released any new music since 2017, with the exception of “Crazy Kinda Love.”

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Luckily for fans, she hinted that she’s ready to return to the music scene in some capacity besides touring and writing. 

“I don’t want to say yes or no. [Laughs] But the interest is definitely there,” she revealed. “The spark has definitely been fired up. So we’ll see.”

Braxton’s new WeTV spinoff Tamar Braxton: Get Your Life will premiere in April. She’s also working on a beauty competition show that will air on VH1 and her family reality series, Braxton Family Values, is also returning this Spring. Hopefully, she’ll give fans the music they’ve been waiting for also.