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Teresa Giudice, the main cast member on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, is in incredible shape for someone her age who has had four children. But Giudice’s workout routine is anything but easy. Here’s how the 46-year-old reality television star stays so fit.

Teresa Giudice
Teresa Giudice | Teresa Giudice via Instagram

Giudice began losing weight when she was in prison

When Giudice went to prison, she no longer had the freedom to eat the delicious foods she was able to indulge in when she was at home. According to People, Giudice avoided excessive carbohydrates in prison and ate healthy meals. She supposedly ate plenty of fiber-filled oatmeal and protein-packed chicken salad. Giudice said at first, she was open to trying any of the prison meals, but over time, she started steering clear of certain meats, such as the tacos and hot dogs. She began doing yoga in the morning, and eventually was working out three times per day.

Now, with her husband serving time, she wanted to channel her energy into staying fit

When Giudice was released from prison, she took her healthier eating habits and daily workouts with her. When her husband, Joe Giudice, began his prison sentence, Giudice needed to focus on something to distract her from everything happening with her husband. Now, not only does she have four daughters to take care of, but she also has taken up bodybuilding. She has entered bikini competitions, which require her to maintain a very specific physique.

Teresa Giudice
Teresa Giudice | Teresa Giudice via Instagram

She does 45 minutes of weight training every day

Giudice spends 45 minutes each day using weights to target different areas of her body. She works her triceps using a pull machine supporting a 30-pound weight. She uses her arms to pull the machine down from the top of her chest toward the middle of her thigh, rests, and repeats the exercise. She also does something called a low row, where she sits on a rowing machine and pulls a weight back with her arms, as if she were rowing a boat. She often uses hand weights to work her arms, too.

Giudice works her legs by doing seated leg curls. It involves a machine at the gym where she sits and pushes the weight down using her legs. The number of reps depends on the amount of weight she is pushing, and it works her hamstrings and glutes. She finishes her workout with the leg press machine. She uses her legs to push a certain amount of weight (for her, it’s 70 pounds) back and forth, which works her quads and glutes.

She also does 45 minutes of cardio twice per day

Weight training is important to get the muscle tone she’s looking for, but cardio is also a huge part of Giudice’s workout routine. She does 90 minutes of cardio per day but breaks it up into two 45-minute intervals. She might do a treadmill workout, elliptical workout, or anything that gets her moving. This helps burn calories, builds up stamina, and keeps her heart in good shape. Plus, she keeps yoga in her routine. With all of the everyday stress she deals with between filming, being a single mom, and visiting her husband in prison, it’s necessary to rejuvenate with a little yoga each day.

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