How ‘The Witcher’ Star Henry Cavill is Prepping for Season 2

When The Witcher premiered late last year, it became one of the most popular shows on Netflix and spawned its very own fandom. But lead actor Henry Cavill may be the series’ biggest fan yet, and he’s taking on a unique training approach to ensure season 2 is as good as the first.  In a recent Instagram post, Cavill opened up about why he’s literally horsing around in preparation for the next season. 

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix

Who is Henry Cavill on ‘The Witcher’

The Witcher is based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s series of novels of the same name, which begins with the 2002 book, The Last Wish. The show is centered around Henry Cavill’s character, Geralt of Rivia — a witcher with magical powers who has been trained to hunt and kill monsters. On his adventures, he encounters his one true love, Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), his best friend Jaskier (Joey Batey), and Ciri (Freya Allen), a young princess who was promised to him before birth.  

He’s a huge ‘The Witcher’ fan

After playing Superman in the DC Extended Universe, and appearing in films like Justice League and Dawn of Justice, Henry Cavill decided to trade his red cape in for a white wig. He was a longtime fan of The Witcher video games and had his eye on the role of Geralt before the series was even written.

In an interview with Polygon, he talked about his admiration for the character and how he wants the series to stay true to the books. “I really feel a connection to Geralt and who he is and his nature, especially from the books,” said Cavill. “And having played the game for many, many, many hours, it was something that I had a connection with.”

How Henry Cavill is training for season 2

In a recent Instagram post, Cavill wrote a lengthy note about why he’s sharing so many horse photos. “Hope you guys actually like horse content….because chances are — you will be getting a lot,” Cavill captioned a selfie with his horse friend Hector. “For me, my riding training is all about riding different horses.”

In reference to The Witcher,  Cavill revealed details about Geralt’s personal relationship with horses. He also mentioned he hopes this extensive training will add authenticity to the character.  

“Over the years Geralt has had many horses named Roach and each one has been different, just like real horses,” wrote Cavill. “Every horse has a different personality and way of interacting, way of moving, and feel to ride too. So training on different horses builds up that knowledge that Geralt would naturally have built up over the years. As far as becoming a ‘horseman’ is concerned, I have many many years to go, but I am loving every step of the way.”

For fans, waiting for season 2 of The Witcher might feel like forever. There may not be an official release date in sight, but at least fans can take comfort in knowing Cavill getting ready to give them an amazing new season.