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Witches are very popular in the media. We have Sabrina and we have Hermione. And of course Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown. Yet Motherland: Fort Salem is different from all of these stories in its portrayal of witches.

Meet the different kind of witches from ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’

Jessica Sutton, Taylor Hickson, and Ashley Nicole Williams of Motherland: Fort Salem
Jessica Sutton, Taylor Hickson and Ashley Nicole Williams of Motherland: Fort Salem | Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Motherland: Fort Salem is very different from other shows about witchcraft. Before getting into these differences, however, it’s important to understand what the show is about, and who exactly these witches are. This show takes place in a world where witches ended their persecution by agreeing to fight for the U.S. government. The show follows three young women joining this army full of witches.

One of these young women, Raelle Collar, played by Taylor Hickson, is very rebellious. She has issues with authority and recently lost her mother. Since her mother died while on a mission for the army, Raelle is reluctant to join. She also seems to want to figure out what happened to her mother. 

Abigail Bellweather, played by Ashley Nicole Williams, is a true leader.  She comes from a long line of soldiers and feels that the military is her true calling. Abigail is determined not to fail, which causes friction with Raelle who seems to not be taking anything seriously. The final main character is Tally Craven, played by Jessica Sutton.

Tally is the glue that holds the unit made up of Raelle, Abigail, and Tally herself together. She is kind and strong, determined and innocent. Tally is earnest and truly believes in the cause that the witch army is fighting for. She wants to protect innocent people from being harmed.    

The biggest witch differences in this show

Now that you know the main characters and the basic plot of the story, it’s time to get into the differences between Motherland: Fort Salem and other stories about witchcraft. One major difference, mentioned by Taylor Hickson in an interview with Build Series, is that they don’t use the word magic in this show. Instead, the witches refer to their powers as work. For example, Raelle is a healer so her work would be healing.

There is also another major difference between this show and other media depictions of witches, that is even more important. According to Taylor Hickson, who plays Raelle, Motherland: Fort Salem demonstrates “the divinity and the true meaning of Wiccan culture.” “I think it’s so demonized,” she continues. “It’s such a misunderstood community and it’s so much about femininity and light and supporting each other.”

So anyone who is interested in Wiccan culture being treated with respect, definitely check out Motherland: Fort Salem. Even if you’re not that intrigued yet, the show might be for you. As it’s definitely “about femininity and light and supporting each other.” And it’s always great to see women supporting each other.

In general, it’s always good to see people get along and support each other. The show follows these three young women as they learn how to work together, since they need to do so in order to survive. The show is also intriguing due to its premise since it takes place in a world where gender roles and ideas about power are flipped.