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Even if you’re not a county music fan, you’ve probably heard of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. The pair is considered one of the genre’s power couples and they can often be seen performing together. More than a musical match made in heaven, the country stars have a strong relationship that’s endured for two decades. But how did they end up together? McGraw recently shared the secret.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill | John Shearer/Getty Images for Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum

How McGraw and Hill first got together

When they first met, the timing was off for them romantically. For several years, neither McGraw or Hill were single at the same time. But it was when they were on tour together in 1996 when sparks began to fly. According to Country Living, Hill was engaged to her ex-producer, Scott Hendricks, at the time when she developed feelings for McGraw.

The two continued to grow closer and she eventually broke off her engagement to be with her now-husband. McGraw and Hill have been married since October 1996 and welcomed their first child in 1997.

What McGraw said captured Hill’s heart

Every couple has their own way of telling their version of their love story, and McGraw is no exception. During his interview with Kelly Clarkson, he said he served Hill some of his grade-A chicken and dumplings and that’s what swept her off her feet.

“We were touring together. I didn’t know her that well and she lived right down the road from me. I made some chicken and dumplings and I thought, you know, I’ll take some chicken and dumplings and some cornbread down to Faith Hill and see how that works.”

He jokingly added, “I still cook them every now and then to see if it still works.”

It’s not the first time he’s brought up the chicken and dumplings trick and how he wooed Hill with his culinary skills. When McGraw and Hill were guests on Oprah’s talk show, he shared that he called his grandma for the recipe and honed it over the years. When he took it to Hill on tour, it landed her in his arms. The two even made a video in their kitchen where they cooked up the recipe for viewers.

McGraw and Hill just celebrated an anniversary

In October, the couple marked their 23rd wedding anniversary though they spent it miles apart. McGraw told Clarkson it’s the first time they weren’t together for the special occasion as he was away in Australia for work. His gift? He and his bandmates recorded a version of Tony Rich’s “Nobody Knows” and sent it to her.

The R&B tune has sentimental value for the pair; they performed it as a duet while on McGraw’s first tour way back in 1996 when Hill was his opening act and he was headlining. Like the chicken and dumplings, it’s part of their courtship story.

Contrary to reports that the two are splitting up, they appear to be strong as ever. All you need to do is scroll through their social media accounts to see them gushing about their love for each other.