‘How to Get Away of Murder’: Did the Series Finale Tease a New Spinoff?

The How to Get Away with Murder series finale may have only been 43 minutes, but it certainly packed a serious punch. Full of unexpected twists, gut-wrenching moments, and fleeting instances of joy, it was everything that fans came to expect from the dramatic series. But, while the show answered quite a few of fans’ burning questions, it also posed new questions. After watching the finale, fans questioned whether a spinoff for the series is on the horizon.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers from the How to Get Away with Murder series finale.]

How to Get Away with Murder series finale spinoff
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A quick recap of the ‘How to Get Away with Murder‘ series finale

There’s a lot to unpack from the How to Get Away with Murder series finale. But, the most dramatic moments came in the final 10 minutes of the show. Annalise ultimately wins her case after being found not guilty of all charges. However, the moment of joy is short-lived. Shortly after, Connor is carted off to prison to serve his five-year sentence. In the process, he breaks things off with Oliver, but things only get more devastating from there.

The biggest spoilers from the series finale

The real heartbreaking moment comes as Annalise addressing the press after winning her case. While Annalise is answering questions, Bonnie notices that Frank appears looking defeated. Though she tries to stop him, Frank opens fire shooting the mayor and killing her. In retaliation, the mayor’s bodyguards fire shots, and Frank, who is hit, dies in Bonnie’s arms. As if that wasn’t devastating enough, Annalise rushes over to comfort Bonnie only to discover that Bonnie has also been shot and she dies in her arms.

The ‘Who killed Annalise?’ mystery explained

From there we flash forward to Annalise’s funeral where her first love, Eve, delivers a speech. We learn that Annalise was not killed, but led a long and healthy life. She found love with Tegan and they spent their lives together before Tegan preceded her in death. Furthermore, the funeral reveals that Connor and Oliver’s relationship managed to survive Connor’s prison sentence. Laurel is also in attendance at Annalise’s services, and we learn that the man we mistook for Wes is actually his son, Christopher. The only student not in attendance is Michaela. Though she does realize her dream of becoming a judge, she is largely alone, leading an unhappy life.

Wes is not back from the dead, but Christopher is alive and well

Finally, the How to Get Away with Murder series finale pays homage to the series premiere. Christopher rides his bike through campus and we learn that he is now a law professor. In the future, he teaches law and we learn that Annalise served as a mentor to him until her death. As a final nod to her memory, he nicknames his course “How to Get Away with Murder,” referencing the infamous chalkboard scene.

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Of course, fans were moved by the final scene of the series finale, especially given how much Annalise wanted a child. But, fans also wondered if the show’s creators were setting up for a How to Get Away with Murder spinoff. As Alfred Enoch’s character, Wes, was killed off in season three, many fans would love to see him get his own show and embrace a new role. But, is a spinoff something the writers were hinting at?

Is ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ getting a spinoff?

In an interview with Deadline, the show’s creator, Pete Nowalk shared that he didn’t write the series finale with the intention of a spinoff, but he’s not ruling it out completely. “That was never the intention when we wrote it. Again, I’m never going to say never. Right now I would love to write about something different. I have a lot of other interests and I think I want to escape the murder role, but never say never. But that was never the intention, it was more really just this idea that Annalise at her core was a teacher and that her legacy lives on,” Nowalk admitted. And what a legacy it was. Spinoff or no spinoff, we know fans will struggle to say goodbye to this beloved show.