‘How to Get Away With Murder’: Fans Are Hoping Questions Surrounding D.A. Denver’s Death Are Answered

In a pre-Season 6 interview for How to Get Away with Murder, Jack Falahee, who portrays Connor Walsh, promised viewers would get all their answers by the finale, even those surrounding storylines they might have forgotten about in the jam-packed series. Therefore, fans are hoping the show revisits the mysterious death of newly appointed D.A. Denver as well as several events that happened at the end of Season 4.

How to Get Away with Murder Denver
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D.A. Todd Denver killed in ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 4

New Assistant District Attorney, Todd Denver, was introduced in the second season when Annalise Keating approached him, requesting for immunity for her team in the murder of ADA Emily Sinclair.

His role increased in the third season when he investigated Wes Gibbins’ death and locked Annalise in jail for the murder as well as arson for burning her home to the ground.

However, the professor successfully pinned the murders of her husband, Sam, and his mistress, Rebecca Sutter, on Wes, causing Denver to drop the charges.

In Season 4, the newly appointed District Attorney of Philadelphia began playing a prominent role once Annalise’s former assistant, Bonnie Winterbottom, blackmailed him into hiring her at his office.

Bonnie then hired former Keating 5 member Laurel Castillo, against Denver’s wishes, as her intern. After the pregnant law student found out that Denver called Dominick, a friend of her family and Wes’ killer, several times and evidence that her corrupt father, Jorge Castillo, illegally donated to his campaign for attorney general, she approached him wanting a deal.

Laurel offered to turn herself in for stealing the files from Caplan and Gold in exchange for her mother’s phone records, to which he obliged. After she left, Denver saw Bonnie bribing an officer to take evidence from lockup and called Jorge to tell him to “handle” the lawyer.

Instead, Laurel’s father tampered with Denver’s brakes, and the district attorney died in a car accident.

Fans are hoping questions surrounding D.A. Todd Denver’s death are answered

In a Reddit post, one fan noted the “convenient” nature of Denver’s death and “hopes” the final season revisits his “unusual accident.” They are “convinced” there was foul play involved and remembered Laurel saw him alive last.

Another user agreed and pointed out a scene in the episode where Frank attempted to reach Laurel by tracking her phone, but it was offline. Once she came home, she claimed her phone died.

The viewer speculates the Keating 5 member “switched her phone off to avoid being traced back to Denver’s office right before his death.” Additionally, Laurel “got irrefutable proof on Wes’ killer and avoided criminal prosecution,” while her movements that night, thanks to her turned-off cell phone, were “conveniently untraceable.”

Others believe not only Denver’s death but several things from Season 4B will be addressed in the final season because they “didn’t seem to add up in the grand scheme of things.”

Not only did it end too “perfectly,” but viewers also learned of the possible involvement of Laurel’s mother, Sandrine, in Wes’ murder. Therefore, they believe the “show’s final plotlines” will address the events in Season 4 episodes 11 – 15, including Denver’s suspicious death, “for closure on these storylines.”

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.