‘How to Get Away With Murder’: A Season 5 Refresher Before the Sixth and Final Season

It looks like Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and her students will only have one more chance to get away with murder when ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder returns for the sixth and final season this week. 

Over the past 5 seasons, there have been so many crimes, murders, cover-ups, and lies that it is almost impossible to keep them all straight. Let’s take a look at the drama and cliff-hangers that ended season 5 so we can be ready for How to Get Away With Murder Season 6.

The truth was revealed about Ron Miller 

Remember how Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) brutally killed the interim district attorney, Ron Miller (John Hansley) with Bonnie’s (Liza Weil) help at the beginning of the season? Well, it looks like he murdered the wrong guy. Nate’s motive was because Ron had ordered the guards to kill his father, Nate Sr. (Glynn Turman), except it turns out the DA wasn’t the one who did it.

We found out via flashbacks that Ron actually tried to have Nate Sr. moved an entire 24 hours before the hit was ordered. We also saw a visibly distraught Ron grappling with the news that Nate Sr. was killed anyway and his efforts were for naught. 

Frank (Charlie Weber) and Annalise found out the truth but decided to tell Nate and Bonnie a different story to save them from the guilt of having killed an innocent man. 

Laurel and Annalise confront Xavier Castillo

Viola Davis as Annalise Keating in 'How to Get Away With Murder'
Viola Davis as Annalise Keating | Mitch Haaseth/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

When Laurel found out the truth about her brother, Xavier Castillo (Gerardo Celasco), she was convinced that her entire family has been behind everything since Wes (Alfred Enoch) died. Laurel and Annalise went to Xavier and told him that they knew he killed Nate Sr., he’s been working with Governor Birkhead (Laura Innes) to destroy Annalise, and that he killed their mother. 

Not surprisingly, Xavier denied everything and called Gov. Birkhead after the two left. The conspirers decide to enact plan b, although it was not revealed what exactly that meant. 

One of the cliffhangers of the season occurred immediately after this interaction. Annalise and Laurel were walking together down a Philadelphia street when Annalise answered a phone call from Tegan (Amirah Vann). Moments later, she could not find Laurel and, at the same time, Frank burst into baby Christopher’s room only to find that the crib was empty.

Could Laurel have finally become fed up with having her son surrounded by all of the deception and murder that she took Christopher and fled? Or did someone in the Castillo family kidnap the baby and take Laurel hostage?

Emmett Crawford is implicated in the murders of Ron and Nate Sr.

Following Xavier’s phone call to Gov. Birkhead, the governor went on television and announced that they were questioning Emmett Crawford (Timothy Hutton) in conjunction with the murders of assistant DA Ron Miller as well as Nate Sr. 

The last we saw of Crawford was him clutching his chest while lying on the floor, after pouring himself a drink in his office. Was he poisoned? Is he having a heart attack? It could be either.

At least we do not have very long to wait to get all of our questions answered. How to Get Away With Murder returns to ABC on Thursday, September 26, 2019.