‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Fans Share Their Final Wes Theories Before the Series Finale

The How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM) series finale is just hours away, and there’s so much left to unpack. In fact, there are so many loose ends, it’s hard to believe they can all be tied up in a mere hour (or 43 minutes without commercials). HTGAWM fans are dying to find out how the trial will end, if Annalise and Tegan are really endgame, if Frank killed his mother, and, of course, who killed Annalise. But, the biggest questions on everyone’s mind all center around Wes Gibbins.

Alfred Enoch star of How to Get Away With Murder series finale
Alfred Enoch | Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Wes (played brilliantly by Harry Potter alum, Alfred Enoch) was one of the main protagonists of How to Get Away with Murder for several seasons. But, the “waitlist” student with the heart of gold got darker with each season. Wes was ultimately the one who killed Sam Keating and later shot Annalise before realizing they had a strange shared history. Still, fans couldn’t help but root for Wes and were devastated when he was killed in off in season three.

What will the ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ series finale reveal?

Now, however, How to Get Away With Murder fans are unsure if Wes has actually been dead all this time. During the mid-season finale of season 6, Wes seemed to rise from the dead in order to attend Annalise’s funeral. Since that brief moment, fans have been waiting on bated breath to find out the truth. As Wes hasn’t appeared in the last five episodes, we can expect answers to our questions during tonight’s season finale.

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But what is the truth? Is Wes really alive or is this nothing more than a clever ruse? How to Get Away with Murder fans are split on their opinions about the situation. Some fans are convinced that Wes is dead. They believe that the person we saw at Annalise’s funeral is actually Christopher, the son that Laurel shares with Wes. As Wes is Christopher’s biological father, it makes sense that he would look similar to him. “That’s a future scene. I know these for a fact that’s his son,” one Instagram user said confidently.

Is Wes Gibbins alive or dead?

Other fans of the show feel that Wes is dead and his appearance is no more than a dream sequence or an imagined situation that Annalise is experiencing. “Yes, he’s really dead. That ‘funeral’ is Annalise envisioning her funeral as instructed by her counselor when she went away for therapy for drinking too much. The counselor had everybody envision their deaths/funeral and asked who would be there,” one long-time fan of How to Get Away With Murder speculated.

However, some fans truly believe that the series finale will reveal that Wes has been alive this entire time. They believe that Wes is working for the Castillos and he’s managed to stay hidden through money and power. “Wes is alive and running the family business cause Laurel’s dad made him an offer he couldn’t refuse,” one person shared on the How to Get Away with Murder Instagram page.

‘How to Get Away With Murder’ airs tonight at 10|9c on ABC

Only time will tell which of these theories, if any, are correct. But, one thing’s for sure, we’ll miss the thrill that this iconic show provided. The How to Get Away with Murder series finale airs tonight at 10|9c on ABC.