How to Obtain All 4 ‘Elden Ring’ Elden Lord Endings

While the new FromSoftware video game Elden Ring endings only have three achievements and trophies, players can actually obtain several more story paths in the 2022 game. The Elden Ring Elden Lord endings alone have four different variations. Here’s how you can obtain every Elden Lord ending in the Elden Ring PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One versions.

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The ‘default ‘Elden Ring’ story path, Elden Lord, Age of Fracture ending

The easiest “Elden Lord” ending in Elden Ring does not require players to do extra legwork. Often considered the ‘default’ story path, it occurs when players defeat the mandatory bosses without completing objectives for other endings.

After defeating the Elden Ring final boss, Radagon Of The Golden Order, players find themselves near the Fractured Marika.

To progress the first ending, players need to touch Fractured Marika. This allows them to become the Elden Lord.

Like all the Elden Lord endings, “Age of Fracture” unlocks the “Elden Lord” achievement for PS4 and PS5 players.

The Age of Duskborn story path requires players to complete Fia’s quest

The second Elden Ring story path is the “Elden Lord, Age of Duskborn” ending, which centers around the deathbed companion Fia. She can be located in the Roundtable Holding area. If players agree when she asks to hold them, they acquire a consumable item and a health debuff.

For Fia’s quest, players first speak with Rogier, the magic-user that helps in the Margit fight. Once players find the bloodstain in Stormveil Castle and ask him about it, they can go forward with Fia.

Players must allow her to hold the until she gives the weathered knife. Talk to D, an NPC at the Roundtable Holding area, after which Fia kills him.

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Continue Fia’s questline by defeating her champions at the Deeproot Depths. She’ll ask for the Cursemark of Death, which can be acquired at the Divine Tower of Liurnia, which requires completing Ranni’s sidequest to obtain the Carina Inverted Statue.

Return to Fia, fight Lichdragon Fortissax, and grab the Rune of the Death-Prince. Using this item at the Fractured Marika earns players the Age of Duskborn ending.

The Dung Eater quest earns players the Age of Despair ending

The Elden Ring “Elden Lord, Age of Despair” ending requires completing the Dung Eater questline. Players can find a Seabed Curse item at various points in the game. Take this to the Dung Eater projection in the Roundtable Hold. He then tasks you with destroying him in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds underneath Leyndell.

In Leyndell, Capital City, a hole leads to an underground maze. After finding the Dung Eater, the players can tell him to leave his gaol.

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Back in the Roundtable Hold, a note replaces the projection pointing players to the Outer Moat of Leyndell. After defeating the Dung Eater at the Capital Rampart Site of Grace, you must implant his body with five Seabed Curses.

After this, players receive the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse, which they can use at the Fractured Marika.

The final ‘Elden Ring’ story path, Elden Lord, Age of Order ending

Finally, finishing the Brother Corhyn and Goldmask side quests unlocks the “Elden Lord, Age of Order” ending. It is best to complete these steps before Melina burns the Erdtree, otherwise, you could find yourself locked out of this Elden Ring ending.

“After reaching the Academy of Raya Lucaria, Brother Corhyn will tell you he is leaving the Roundtable Hold to find Goldmask the next time you speak with him. Corhyn can next be found in the Altus Plateau, north of the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace,” GameSpot notes.

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Once Corhyn joins Goldmask at the broken great bridge, talk to them, then find them at Leyndell, Capital City, near the coliseum. At the Radagon statue, cast the Law of Regression spell. Find them again at the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Once Leyndell is turned to ash, players can find Goldmask dead with the Rune of Perfect Order. Using this at the Fractured Marika unlocks the Elden Ring Elden Lord, Age of Order ending.

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