‘Howard the Duck’ Fans Won’t Be Seeing Him On Hulu

It looks like Hulu will have to carry on without the help of a couple of Marvel characters. Back in February 2019, the streaming service provider announced that they would be developing a series centering around Marvel character, Howard the Duck. A second show was announced at the same time. The second series, focusing on Tigra and Dazzler, was expected to drop on the platform at the same time as Howard the Duck. It has also been canceled by the streaming giant.

What was Howard the Duck supposed to be about?

Howard the Duck, named after its main character, was set to follow Howard as he tries desperately to get home. Howard was set to face his nemesis, Dr. Bong, as he attempts to find his way back to the world he belongs in. He was to be assisted by Beverly, his gal pal.

Howard in a scene from the film 'Howard The Duck', 1986.
Howard the Duck | Universal/Getty Images

Kevin Smith, famed for his work on Clerks and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, was set to produce the series. He has long been a fan of comic books and was hoping to lend his genius to a comic book series, according to Inverse. The development of the series didn’t appear to get much further than that. No release date was ever announced, and casting rumors never made it to the mainstream media.

Why is Hulu trashing the concept?

Hulu did not share a reason behind their decision to walk away from the concept. In fact, the streaming giant also canceled plans for the Tigra and Dazzler Show, too. According to Cord Cutter News, Hulu has chosen not to issue a statement. Fans do, however, have a few theories about the decision, though.

Many fans believe that the advent of Disney+ and the decision to move Marvel Television over to Marvel Studios, under the tutelage of Kevin Feige, likely played a role in the decision. It appears as though Feige has the vision to draw Marvel television entities into the MCU, meaning standalone shows will likely disappear. Gamespot seems to confirm the theory.

The Ghost Rider TV show, which was also announced by Hulu, appears to be off the table as well, although the streaming service seems to be still going through with their decision to produce Helstorm. Helstorm, which will feature Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon as Grantchester and Succession, is currently in production, according to Variety. No release date has yet been set.

Will Howard the Duck appear on Disney+ at some point?

The decision to pull Howard the Duck from Hulu has left fans of Marvel’s niche superheroes feeling a little sad, but many are hoping to see Howard the Duck on Disney+ at some point. After all, the company does own the rights to the character. Disney, however, hasn’t announced any plans to bring the concept to their own platform.

In the end, Howard the Duck’s previous attempt to move from the comic world into the movie world was marred with problems. Howard hit the big screen back in 1986, and it was instantly a bomb. The film, which had a production budget of $37 million, grossed just $16 million domestically. It has since gone on to amass a cult following. The character didn’t see the light of day in films or television again until the Hulu announcement last year.

Disney and Marvel may fear the niche superhero would be a bomb in television form, too. He also fails to fit into the vision for a united MCU. For now, it seems like Howard will need to stay in the past, much to the chagrin of his fans.