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Hollywood is notorious for being a rumor-mill of scandalous tales. And how the stars react to some of the tabloid and social media headlines can determine whether or not some of these rumors live or die. One blockbuster actor, X-Men star Hugh Jackman, has been a target of a sexuality rumor for years.

The actor’s long-time wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, isn’t concerned. In fact, she addressed this hot topic in a recent interview and was absolutely hilarious about it.

Hugh Jackman’s wildly successful career 

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman | Dia Dipasupil/WireImage

Some might assume you don’t get much bigger in Hollywood than Hugh Jackman. The Australian-born actor has garnered widespread fame in a variety of roles over the years.

His portrayal of “Wolverine” in the series of superhero films, including X-Men (2000,) may have catapulted him to ultimate stardom. He also starred in top-performing movies such as The Prestige (2006) and The Greatest Showman (2017) to much success.

Jackman earned an Oscar nomination and Golden Globe Award for his performance in Les Misérables (2012) and a Tony Award for his stage work in The Boy from Oz (2003.) In 2008, Jackman also earned the title of “The Sexiest Man Alive,” and it was clear: fans couldn’t get enough of him.

Hugh Jackman has a long-lasting marriage

Hollywood marriages are notorious for disastrous failure. But Jackman proves he can have long-term success in his personal life, as well as his professional one.

The actor been married to Deborra-Lee Furness since 1996, after having met on the set of an Australian television show the year before. Jackman was 28 at the time and Furness was 41.

Jackman once said he realized the two would be together “for the rest of our lives.” And it seems the couple has figured out how to balance Hollywood success and an age gap, just fine.

Rumors have circulated around Hugh Jackman for a long time

Despite the couple’s intense and public love for each other, there is one rumor that continues to resurface about Jackman. No one is certain where the rumor began.

Although some suggest the whispers about Jackman’s sexuality began to surface after his portrayal of Peter Allen in The Boy from Oz. When Jackman is asked about being gay, he’s often cited as remaining ambiguous about responding.

He did admit his reluctance to address it because he feels any response might seem derogatory toward homosexuality. He once said, “I’d be happy to go and deny being gay,” and goes on to say that denying it might imply shame, and he has no intention of casting a negative light on the subject.

How Deborra-Lee Furness hilariously responded


Hugh Jackman is Done Playing His Iconic Marvel Hero, But He Hopes We Haven’t Seen the Last of Wolverine

Jackman may straddle the line about addressing the homosexuality rumors, but his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, certainly doesn’t hold back. Across a series of interviews, she’s discussed her sense of humor about it and said at one point fans assumed she too was gay.

More recently, when poignantly asked about the rumor, she responded: “He’s been gay for so many years.” She goes on to say: “I was gay, too, you know, when I did Shame?’ 

After having joked about the rumor, Furness did explain herself. She finds the homosexuality rumor to be a pet peeve, saying it wouldn’t be right to accuse Elton John of being straight, either.

Another thorn in her side is the constant reference to her being lucky to have married the legendary “Wolverine.” She points out his Hollywood brand of Jackman is certainly different from the life she has with her husband. 

With nearly 25 years of marriage and counting, Jackman and Furness continue to prove that Hollywood marriages do last. And despite their history, those flailing rumors may continue to circulate. But it clearly doesn’t affect either one of them.