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Everybody deserves a love story, and that includes Baby Groot. In a recent interview, I Am Groot lead writer Kirsten Lepore and Marvel executive producer Brad Winderbaum teased what to expect from Disney+’s new collection of shorts starring the fan-favorite sentient tree creature from Guardians of the Galaxy. According to Lepore, Groot may find himself in a romance someday.

Baby Groot, voiced by Vin Diesel, in I Am Groot
Baby Groot, voiced by Vin Diesel, in ‘I Am Groot’ | Marvel Studios

‘I Am Groot’ Disney+ shorts follow the adorable misadventures of Baby Groot

Marvel Studios’ I Am Groot follows Baby Groot, voiced by Vin Diesel, on various misadventures as he grows up and causes mischief. Along for the ride is Rocket, voiced by Bradley Cooper. For now, there are five episodes in the collection, each under five minutes long. Here are the episode titles and descriptions, as noted on IMDb:

“Groot’s First Steps” — Baby Groot takes his first steps out of his pot, only to learn you have to walk before you can run.

“The Little Guy” — It’s hard to be the little guy, but when Baby Groot accidentally uncovers a civilization of miniature blue aliens, the tables are turned.

“Groot’s Pursuit” — Baby Groot investigates a spooky noise that’s been haunting the Quadrant, the massive Ravager ship that he calls home.

“Groot Takes a Bath” — Everybody needs some alone time to relax and wash up, but things go quite differently when you’re a Flora Colossi toddler.

“Magnum Opus” — Groot sets out to paint a family portrait of himself and the Guardians, and goes to great lengths to collect art supplies and forge his masterpiece.

‘I Am Groot’ producers teased what to expect in season 1 and beyond, including a love story

In an interview with Indian Express, Lepore and Winderbaum broke down I Am Groot and looked ahead to the show’s future. As Lepore explained, the goal of the series was to bring “as much as emotion that we can pull out of viewers in our 3-minute time frame.”

“I love character-driven work, so I was over the moon to write with this character. Groot is such an expressive character and we can all relate to him,” Lepore added.

One of the most common ways of evoking emotion is through a love story, so romance could be on the horizon for Groot.

“Maybe eventually, as much romance as he can have,” Lepore joked.

For now, the episodes focus on sharing Groot’s personal journey and providing background to his appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy.

“One episode is a pivotal moment in Groot’s history that is yet to be on screen,” Winderbaum explained.

More episodes of ‘I Am Groot’ are on the way


Groot Takes Many Forms, and MCU Fans Think It’s Time We See Them All

I Am Groot offers a quick binge, but it’s not the end of Groot’s story. At San Diego Comic-Con last month, Marvel revealed that the collection would receive five more episodes at a later date. Unfortunately, there’s no release date yet, but Groot’s fans are already looking forward to his next adventure.

The first five episodes of I Am Groot are now streaming on Disney+.