‘I Am Jazz’: Jazz Jennings ‘Unravels’ Under Pressure On the New Season

Jazz Jennings, a 19-year-old trans rights advocate, will return to TLC on Jan. 28 for Season 6 of her reality show, I Am Jazz. I Am Jazz documents Jennings’ life as a transgender teen and activist, including her gender-confirming surgeries, dating life, mental health, family, and college dreams.

In a new sneak peek of I Am Jazz Season 6, Jennings struggles to plan a big drag fundraiser to support her friend’s upcoming transition. She also wrestles with the decision to head to Harvard in the fall and has to undergo a third gender-confirming surgery to correct complications from her previous ones. Finally, Jennings’ old boyfriend comes back in her life…but it doesn’t look like things go as planned.

Jazz Jennings
Jazz Jennings | John Lamparski/Getty Images

The trans rights advocate struggles with big decisions and event planning

In TLC’s first look for I Am Jazz Season 6, Jennings hopes to raise $15,000 for her friend Noel’s gender confirmation surgery with a drag show fundraising event. 

But the teen is terrified the show won’t raise enough money. “I don’t know what’s gonna happen if I fail,” Jennings frets in the trailer. 

Meanwhile, Jennings is also looking at colleges and weighing her options, including Harvard. “My parents really, really want me to go to Harvard,” she explains. Her mom Jeanette Jennings says her daughter is just “too unstable” to live across the country.

But Jennings isn’t so sure. “I just don’t know if I’m ready to put myself in that situation where there is that immense pressure to succeed, you know?” she laments to a friend. 

The pressure is on with the fundraiser, too, as it looks like something might go wrong at the event. “I’ve never seen her unraveling to this extent,” Jeanette worries as her daughter breaks down. 

Jennings undergoes a third gender confirmation surgery 

Jennings had bottom surgery, and a second surgery to make some corrections, in previous seasons of I Am Jazz. But problems with the aftermath of the gender confirmation procedure mean she needs even more invasive work done. 

“I had the gender confirmation surgery, but I need a third procedure,” Jennings explains, adding that she hopes she’ll finally be done before starting college.

Jennings’ surgeons even appear to butt heads during the procedure, making things even more high-stakes. And after the surgery, Jennings appears to have trouble breathing, causing her family to panic. 

The teen also wrestles with past relationships

While Jennings and her ex-boyfriend Ahmir broke up, it looks like he’ll return for the upcoming season of I Am Jazz. Jennings invites him to her surgery as a friend. “Ahmir and I are not together anymore, but I wanted his support as a friend,” she explains in the first look.

But he doesn’t look entirely happy to see her when he arrives. “Are you happy you came?” Jazz asks Ahmir in the hospital room. “Let’s just get through the day, see what happens,” her ex answers noncommittally.

It looks like even Jennings thinks this season will be the most dramatic yet. 

“As portrayed in this teaser, the past year has been extremely challenging,” Jennings wrote in an Instagram post about Season 6. “I have experienced some of my highest highs and lowest lows. During this upcoming season, I become more vulnerable than ever before as I deal with anxiety surrounding my personal life, social life, and advocacy.”