‘I Am Jazz’ Season 6: Was Jazz Jennings’ Fundraiser Successful?

I Am Jazz Season 6 premieres this month on TLC, which means fans are closer than ever to seeing what happens next on Jazz Jennings’ inspiring journey through her teenage years. However, it seems as if Season 6 is bringing a whole new slew of stress and drama into Jennings’ life — including organizing a charity event for a friend’s surgery. Will Jazz Jennings be able to handle the stress, and pull off the charity event? For those who are desperate to now, we already have the answer. (Warning, spoilers ahead for Season 6 of I Am Jazz)

Jazz Jennings wants to help her friend

Jazz Jennings of I Am Jazz
Jazz Jennings of TLC’s I Am Jazz | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for GLAAD

Jazz Jennings has been facing an ongoing challenging journey for quite some time, dealing with the difficulties of surgery, social acceptance, and self-acceptance. Now, the I Am Jazz star is trying to help one of her friends through the same process. 

The trailer for Season 6 of I Am Jazz reveals that Jennings plans to help her friend, Noelle Jaclyn, raise money for her bottom surgery. However, this is a very expensive endeavor — Jennings reveals that she needs to raise upwards of $15,000. 

“I wanted to throw a drag fundraiser to help you raise money for your surgery,” reveals Jennings to Jaclyn during the trailer. The camera then cuts to a Jennings’ grandfather in a pink dress and blonde wig, saying, “Honey, the hairs tickle!” 

Jennings friend asks her, “Do you think you guys could actually raise $1,500 at this event?” Jennings corrects her, saying, “$15,000.” She then tells producers, “I don’t know what’s going to happen if I fail.”

It’s clear that Jennings puts a lot of pressure on herself when it comes to organizing this fundraiser for her friend. 

Did she pull it off?

Jazz Jennings of TLC's I Am Jazz
Jazz Jennings of TLC’s I Am Jazz | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for TLC

The trailer also reveals that Jazz Jennings seems to start to buckle under the pressure of her many obligations, including the fundraiser. 

At one point, the camera shows her with her head in her hand, and she says, “Between graduating high school, putting this drag show together, and preparing for college, I feel like there’s a 50-pound weight weighing on my shoulder.”

Her mother then says, “I’ve never seen her unraveling to this extent.” Her grandmother adds, “This is devastating.”

Viewers then see a brief clip of the drag show, with Jennings saying, “I need this to be perfect, not only for Noel, but for myself as well.”

The crowd then gasps at something off-camera, and Jennings says, “Everything just went haywire.” Viewers then see her leaving the venue while saying, “I’m done.”

Her brother says, “She likes things to go exactly perfect, and when they don’t she breaks down.”

Soap Dirt reveals that Jazz Jennings was able to pull it off. Apparently, the fundraiser raked in a whopping $25,000, and Noelle Jaclyn was able to have her bottom surgery. A huge win for both Jaclyn and Jennings.

More drama ahead in Season 6 of ‘I Am Jazz’

While Jazz Jennings was able to pull of her monumental fundraiser, it’s not the only stress and drama she’ll be facing in Season 6 of I Am Jazz

The TLC star will be undergoing her third gender confirmation surgery, and has decided to bring along her ex-boyfriend, Ahmir, for emotional support. However, she questions the wisdom of that decision as the time draws nearer for the surgery. 

Additionally, viewers will see Jennings in some pain during the trailer, as well as a frightening moment when Jennings seems to be breathing rapidly and heavily on the surgical table or hospital bed. 

Season 6 will premiere on January 28th at 9 p.m. Fans can tune in to get their first glimpse of Jennings’ next adventure.