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TLC’s I Am Shauna Rae is back for Season 2 Episode 2. During this episode, Shauna looks for a new job and hunts for a new apartment with her sister. Here’s what happened last time on I Am Shauna Rae.

Shauna Rae continues to look for love

Shauna Rae from a scene in 'I Am Shauna Rae' on TLC.
Shauna Rae | TLC/YouTube

Shauna Rae’s parents, Mark and Patty, are happy Shauna is getting out there and exploring the world of dating. However, they also worry about her. Mark says Shauna tends to be “self-sabotaging,” so he’s concerned about her dating life.

Patty is excited about the potential for Shauna and Thomas (the volunteer firefighter she went on a date with) to develop a relationship. However, Patty says Shauna tends to “sabotage” herself when it comes to love.

“She really wants to believe that she’s normal,” says Patty. “And good, I want you to be ‘normal.’ But I feel that she believes if she dated somebody with a similar situation– now she’s pigeonholed,” adds Mark. Patty says if Shauna dated someone who also has a similar medical condition that she would have to finally face the fact that she’s not like everyone else and that she has a disability.

Shauna Rae goes to a roller-skating rink with her sisters

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Shauna spent time with her sisters at a local roller-skating rink. She enjoys spending time with her sisters, but says she gets anxious whenever she visits a place where a lot of children are present.

“Going to places where there is probably going to be a lot of children, like a roller-skating rink, gives me anxiety,” says Shauna. “I don’t want a child to come up to me and talk to me and ask me to do things with them because I don’t want to have to pretend to be younger than I am when I go outside,” says Shauna. “I just want to enjoy my life.”

Shauna Rae and her sister get sticker shock after viewing apartments

Shauna wants her own place. Her parents suggested that she live on their property in a separate space, but she doesn’t want to do that. She prefers to live with her sister Rylee or with roommates. Shauna desires independence. However, she needs a job before she can move out.

Shauna and Rylee went apartment hunting, and when they discovered how much they would have to shell out for rent, they were shocked. The leasing agent told them the rent was $4,100 a month. Shauna realized she needs to earn money, so she went on a job interview at a dog boarding facility. She has five dogs, so she feels this job would be the perfect fit. Shauna also aspires to become a veterinarian, so she sees this as a stepping stone.

“I like animals because they can’t talk back,” says Shauna. “They bounce off of your emotions. They can kind of read you better than humans. As someone who has always had an issue with humans understanding [me], animals have just always been my escape. They’ve always been like my friends, my people.”

Although Shauna wants to work with animals, she’s also interested in fashion. She expressed a desire to start a clothing line for little people. “It’s extremely important for every form of dwarfism, every person in the little people community, to have proper-fitting clothing,” says Shauna. However, one challenge she sees is that each form of dwarfism comes with different proportions.

Shauna is thinking about having a family one day

Shauna went to see a reproductive specialist so she could discuss the possibility of freezing her eggs. Her gynecologist told her that her egg reserve is low, so she referred her to a specialist. Shauna wants to freeze her eggs now just in case her reserve dips lower as she ages. When she’s ready to have a baby she will most likely use a surrogate because she is so small. “I don’t want to push a child out of this tiny body,” she jokes.

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