‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

TLC’s I Love a Mama’s Boy is back for episode 5. This week, tensions grow between Shekeb and Emily. There’s also trouble in Abbey and Tre’s relationship. Here’s what happened last time on the reality show.

Emily and Shekeb

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Emily decides to meet Yussra, the woman Shekeb’s mother, Laila, set him up on a date with. Yussra says she was curious when she heard Emily wanted to meet her. However, she figured she could be a connection between Shekeb, Emily, and Laila.

Yussra told Emily she didn’t know Shekeb had a girlfriend, but Emily doesn’t believe her. She thinks she’s collaborating with Laila so that she can break them up. Yussra doesn’t think Emily and Shekeb are a good match, and she thinks they will “drag one another into a very toxic drama.”

Emily and Shekeb decide to work out with Yussra. Emily came along because she doesn’t trust Shekeb and Yussra alone together. Once Emily arrives at the gym, she becomes agitated. She calls Shekeb a “cheater” and Yussra a “homewrecker.”

Emily doesn’t like the idea of Shekeb and Yussra spending time together. She thinks they will get close and start dating. Yussra believes Emily and Shekeb are in love but it’s a toxic love. She says it’s like a “decayed tooth” that you’re keeping because you’re used to it, but you need to pull it out.

Ethan and Leyna

Ethan’s mother, Esther, wants to go to Leyna’s bachelorette party. However, Leyna is uncomfortable with this request. She says her mother isn’t going to be there, so she doesn’t think Esther should be there. Leyna thinks Esther planned to be in Florida (the location of her bachelorette party) at the same time as the party on purpose so that she could attend.

Tre and Abbey

Lorenda, Tre’s mother, is still upset about Abbey telling her to come to the house less often. Lorenda spoke to her best friend, Shelly, about the situation. Shelly advised her to take a step back and not come to the house for at least one week. She says once Abbey sees how hard it is to take care of the home, she might leave on her own and then it would just be Lorenda and Tre again.

Tre takes Abbey on a date for her birthday. Lorenda finds out where they’re going and decides to show up. She even takes a spoon and starts feeding Tre during the date. Abbey is upset with the interruption and asks Lorenda what she’s doing. She tells Lorenda that she already had her time with Tre on her birthday, and now it’s her time.

Robert and Kristy

Robert is getting ready for his big fight. He’s trying his best to keep the paternity test situation out of his mind. Distractions are the last thing he needs right before the fight. Luckily, all went well, and Robert wins his fight in under two minutes. However, as soon as the fight is over, Nancy (Robert’s mother) and Kristy are fighting again.

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