‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

TLC’s I Love a Mama’s Boy is back for episode 6. The tension continues to grow among the couples. Here’s what happened last time on the reality show.

Brittany and Matt

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Kelly, Matt’s mother, surprised Brittany at work. She says he wants to make sure Brittany works where she says she does and that she’s not lying. Brittany was annoyed that Kelly would show up at her job so that she could continue to grill her. “I feel really embarrassed that my professional life is now invading my personal life,” says Brittany during the show.

The office manager tells Brittany she’s concerned about Matt’s mother coming to her job. She didn’t like how she questioned her. She asks Brittany if she’s willing to continue putting up with Kelly’s behavior. Brittany seems to be at her breaking point. Is there hope for Matt and Brittany?

Esther and Ethan

Esther is thinking about stopping by Leyna’s bachelorette party. However, Esther’s friend, Debbie, doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She says it would be too much “mama hovering.” However, Esther says she’s just five minutes away from where Leyna is staying for the party, so she might drop by.

Debbie says she needs to put some boundaries in place. She also tells her that if they wanted her at the party, they would have invited her. She feels like she should be at the bachelorette party because she’s one of the girls,” says Debbie. “She’s not; she’s mom. She’s the mom of the groom and there has to be some privacy.” Esther ignores Debbie’s advice and stops by the bachelorette party. Esther is determined to be part of Ethan’s life no matter what.

Kristy and Robert

Kristy feels disrespected by Nancy’s request for her to get a paternity test for her daughter, Kimberly. She feels like Robert constantly puts his mother before her. Kristy says Robert should have rejected his mother’s request.

“When your mom told you that she wanted a paternity test for Kimberly, I feel like you should have shut her down immediately,” says Kristy. Robert responds by saying he didn’t think it would be “that big of a problem.”

Although Kristy is hurt by her mother-in-law’s request, she says she will never hear the end of it if she doesn’t give in and take the test. “At this point, I have no other choice but to take the test,” she says.

Tre and Abbey

Tre is conflicted about allowing his mother, Lorenda, to take a step back. He’s used to her helping around the house and cooking meals. Abbey wants Lorenda to stop coming to the house so much because she feels like she and Tre need more time alone. However, Tre is uneasy about seeing less of his mother. He thinks one week is too long for her to stay away.

Tre’s best friend agrees that Lorenda visits too often. He thinks Tre is spoiled. Tre is worried that there won’t be anyone to do the laundry or cook if Lorenda doesn’t come over for a week. It’s implied that Abbey doesn’t cook or clean consistently.

Tre is concerned they will have to order out every day. He says he had a talk with Abbey about her contributions to the household. He says she needs to step up and do what his mom does, but he doesn’t think she understands that.

Tre hopes to marry Abbey one day, but he feels like he’s caught between his mother and his girlfriend. He describes it as being in the middle of a tug of war. “If we continue the way we’re going now, I could lose Abbey,” says Tre.

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