‘I Love Lucy’ Star Lucille Ball’s Daughter Tried to Remove Scenes From Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Being the Ricardos’

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s daughter Lucie Arnaz, has been outspoken about Aaron Sorkin’s new biopic Being the Ricardos. But her recent comments about scenes that ‘never happened’ are of particular concern to fans who wish for an accurate portrayal of the legendary marriage. 

Arnaz fought to have certain scenes cut from the movie

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz kiss
Lucille Ball with husband Desi Arnaz in 1944 | William Grimes/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

In an interview with Palm Springs Life, Arnaz took issue with the fact that the movie includes events that she says simply never happened. 

 “I couldn’t get my way and have them taken out, but they weren’t accurate,” Arnaz told the magazine. “And it’s not just theatrical license, it just wasn’t true.” 

She has more than just a sentimental investment in the movie. She is the chief creative officer of Desilu, Too, which manages the family empire established by her parents. 

Arnaz explained watching the filming of a particular scene while visiting the set; without giving details, Arnaz said she thought it wasn’t right. 

“I thought, ‘That shouldn’t be in there, because that never happened,’” said Arnaz. “That’s not true.”

Arnaz says she did what she could to get rid of scenes that weren’t true-to-life, to no avail. Artistic license notwithstanding, she also had positive things to say about the film, which stars Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem as the famously volatile couple

“Stuff happens that week that didn’t happen altogether the way Aaron has written it,” she said. “He’s (Sorkin) taking some theatrical license and sort of cramming a couple of true events that did happen, they just didn’t happen at the same time. But you do learn a lot about what it was like back then. His dialogue is always incredible.” 

Arnaz said that what she saw was ‘first rate’ 

Speaking of director Sorkin, Arnaz said he “treated my mother and my father really well.” And as for the quality of the film, which has been speculated about in the media from the casting choices to the final performances, she says that what she had a chance to view was good. 

“I think they are accurate composites of these people,” she said. “And what I’ve seen of it… I haven’t seen any of the rushes, but I was on the set for just two days. What I saw was extraordinarily classy and first rate. The people that he has cast are just really great performers.” 

Arnaz explained that the film takes place during rehearsals for one of the shows. 

“There are a few scenes where they’re at their house in Chatsworth, before working, after working,” she explained. “There are two or three short flashback scenes to her life before I Love Lucy, when she worked on the radio show, when she was trying to convince the network to hire dad.” 

A new documentary about Lucille Ball is also in the works 

Palm Springs Life asked Arnaz what she thought about a new documentary about Arnaz and Ball in the works; Ron Howard is reportedly producer, with Amy Poehler set to direct. She seems enthusiastic about the prospect. 

“I think it’s going to be amazing,” Arnaz told the magazine. “From what I’ve heard so far, and what I’ve seen them do, they’re really pulling out every stop. They are digging deeper than anybody I’ve ever known. I’ve opened up the archives to them pretty much more than I’ve ever given access to anybody, just because I trust these people. I met with them a lot before I said yes, and then I went, “OK, take it all. I trust you.”

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