Ian Somerhalder’s Diet ‘Is Boring,’ Says Food and Nutrition Pro — ‘Even Vampires Eat More Exciting Diets’

On The Vampire Diaries, undead heartthrob Damon exists on a diet of human blood. Likewise, Ian Somerhalder, the actor who played Damon for eight seasons, lives according to his own unique menu. And according to food expert Abbey Sharp, it’s “boring as eff.”

Ian Somerhalder
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From ‘The Vampire Diaries’ to ‘Food Diaries,” Ian Somerhalder dished details about his diet 

Somerhalder stopped by Harper’s BAZAAR for an episode of Food Diaries, the YouTube series where celebrities reveal everything they eat in one day. When Somerhalder visited, he let fans in on his four meals a day plan.

“I usually have a broth first thing in the morning with a bunch of supplements, like vitamin stuff, and green juices with my tea that I then whip in the Nutribullet with coconut oil and cacao and salt,” said Somerhalder. He also drinks warm lemon water with pink salt, which he believes benefits the adrenals.

Somerhalder says that his second meal of the day consists of “two giant handfuls of nuts,” plus “two giant handfuls of vegetables” with fish broiled or prepared in a cast-iron or ceramic-coated cast-iron pan. He opts out of using nonstick cookware because according to him, it is “as toxic as the day is long.”

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The actor also describes a coconut milk chia pudding that his wife Nikki Reed makes from scratch. Plus, coffee is on tap in the Somerhalder house for a dose of caffeine. And, for what Somerhalder calls a “treat meal,” he gobbles stacks of pancakes twice per week. Next up is breakfast for the couple’s baby, which includes fresh fruit, hash browns, and sheep milk or coconut yogurt, all of which Somerhalder says he nibbles as well.

Lunchtime for Somerhalder consists of more fish and veggies. But this time the staples are paired with starches like sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and quinoa, along with some high-density fats. And, spoiler alert, Somerhalder’s dinner plan looks a lot like lunch with healthy starches, even more fish, and vegetables.

Somerhalder acknowledges the massive quantity of food described in the video. His answer? “When you eat really clean, you’re eating tremendous amounts.” To support his clean-living lifestyle and reduce waste, the star explained that he grows some foods and snags many other items from farmers’ markets.

Dietitian Abbey Sharp is bored by the actor’s menu 

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Abbey Sharp is a registered dietitian, food blogger, and founder of Abbey’s Kitchen Inc. The media personality shares a plethora of delicious food-based content on her YouTube channel

Sharp posted a candid review of Somerhalder’s Food Diaries episode. In the video, she debunks some of Somerhalder’s theories, including his opinion about nonstick cookware and the effect of lemon water on adrenals. But the sharpest critique is that the actor’s food choices are just plain dull.

“Yawn. I mean, this guy’s diet is certainly nutritious but it is boring as eff,” barbed Sharp. “I am not sure I could eat that volume of food every day if I was limited to such a narrow, boring set of foods over and over and over.”

“Even vampires eat more exciting diets than this,” Sharp quipped, referencing Somerhalder’s stint on The Vampire Diaries. And for the record, Somerhalder’s vampire alter ego Damon relished the rush of feeding on human victims until satiated.

“Obviously this is not a dig at Ian’s professional life or his health status, or really anything else about him,” Sharp stressed. “He obviously takes really good care of his body, and he eats an incredibly healthy nutrient-dense diet.”

That being said, Sharp did offer a bit of advice for the star to chew on, saying, “Variety is the spice of life. And there is a lot more out there than kale, lemon water, coconut oil, and fish.”

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