‘iCarly’: Everybody’s Favorite Pee-Wee Babies Boyfriend, Griffin, Is Back

In case any original Nickelodeon fans haven’t heard, iCarly has returned in 2021 and the characters are all grown-up! The revival streaming on Paramount+ stars actors Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, and Nathan Kress reprising their roles as Carly, Spencer, and Freddie respectively. The reboot takes on a comedic view on modern-day aspects, such as how different generations clash. The new characters, Harper and Millicent, add more perspective on how generational trends evolve.

News broke that the show has even decided to bring back one of the most memorable characters, for Carly that is. The titular character’s boyfriend, Griffin, is back after all these years! Deemed the “bad boy” at the time of the original show, Griffin brought out a new side to Carly. The only question is, what episode is Griffin coming back?

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Drew Roy arrives at the premiere of TNT’s “Falling Skies” | Jordan Strauss/Getty

iCarly’ was revived on Paramount+ without 1 major character

Many fans of the renowned Teen Nick show rejoiced when they found out iCarly was coming back to the small screen. The only glum news for viewers was that Jennette McCurdy, who played Sam Puckett on the original series, was not returning. The former actor was candid about her experiences from the show and the reasons behind her choice. One of them was the pressure she had to succeed, and this was connected to her family life.

“I was the main financial support for my family,” McCurdy said in her podcast, Empty Inside. “My family didn’t have a lot of money and this was the way out…always, always, always acting was difficult for me.” She added that she tried writing and directing as an alternative.

Sam’s absence on the new show was explained in the pilot episode between Carly and Freddie. They briefly mention that she is in a biker gang and leave it at that.

Who is Griffin, Carly’s (now) former boyfriend?

Griffin suddenly walked into Carly’s life and surprised viewers. First, Carly is seen despising him when Spencer takes him under his wing. Spencer offers Griffin a chance to redeem himself after taking his motorcycle for a spin. So, Griffin helps Spencer with his artwork and Carly begins to like him.

Who could forget the scene when Carly’s big brother walks in on the new couple kissing and screams? Once Carly gets to know Griffin after some time, she discovers something about him: the character collects toys called “pee wee babies.”

At the time of the original show, the stereotypical “bad boy” character wouldn’t collect something like pee-wee babies. Carly expresses that she is not attracted to this trait in Griffin, and they break up for this reason. Hopefully with the new show, Carly’s mindset won’t be limited to stereotypes.

Griffin returns in a new episode of the revival

Lots of fans will be hyped to see Griffin come back if they haven’t seen the episode already. The show is clearly trying to bring back every character they can, including Nevel Papperman. Without revealing any spoilers, the general plot of Griffin’s return will be about the friend group’s experience with his reappearance.

The character can be seen in Episode 9 “iMLM.” According to Comic Book Rant, Griffin and Carly meet at Skybucks and the two catch up on everything since their breakup. Carly’s ex-boyfriend may or may not be the same person she and viewers initially got acquainted with.

To find out what happens between Griffin and the friend group, check out the ninth episode of iCarly on Paramount+. New episodes premiere every Thursday.

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