‘iCarly’ Reboot: Show’s Star Teases Paramount+ Revival ‘Is for Adults’

What will the iCarly reboot have in store for fans of the hit series? One of the show’s stars, Nathan Kress, gave some details about what the iCarly reboot will be about, promising some “surprises” and a shift to more adult storylines.

'iCarly' cast Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Jerry Trainor, Noah Munck, and Nathan Kress pose in front of a plane in 2012
‘iCarly’ cast Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Jerry Trainor, Noah Munck, and Nathan Kress | Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

What is the ‘iCarly’ reboot about?

Since the iCarly reboot was announced, fans have wondered what will happen on the show, especially since one of the stars, Jennette McCurdy, isn’t returning for the show.

Nathan Kress, who played Freddie Benson on iCarly, shared some details about the revival (well, as much as he could say without spoiling it) when he chatted on his RadioActive Dads podcast with co-host Brett Davern.

It was difficult for Kress to reveal too much but he did tease a more “adult” shift that will appeal to the fans who grew up watching the show. Basically, the show is going to age appropriately for the characters and the audience, rather than remaining a kids show.

“The whole concept of this show — and that’s why I don’t even know if they necessarily agree with calling it a reboot — because it’s not just doing the same thing over again,” Kress confirmed.

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‘iCarly’ grows up with the reboot

Kress shared the reason why the iCarly reboot will catch up with the characters at their current ages. “The whole point is this is a show that is geared toward the people who watched iCarly who were kids from 2007 to 2012, who are now adults … it’s a show for them,” he explained.

Kress continued, “The whole point is for them to be able to follow along with the narrative and the storyline and not have to watch a kids’ show in order to do it.”

He confirmed, “It’s about us … [fans] want to be able to follow the story. We want it to be relatable to what’s happening now to the age range of people who watched it when we were young.”

“And I think that that’s going to be something really special to show that everybody’s sort of in the trenches in this phase of life and I think there’s going to be hopefully a catharsis,” Kress added.

There are some surprises in store

Davern asked if Kress had any intel about the characters and the iCarly star was hesitant to reveal too much. “Yes … And that part I’m absolutely positive I can’t talk about,” he shared.

“All I can say is there are big — at least in its current iteration — there are big life things that have happened and I think that’s vital to show that these people are in a very different place from where they were when they were teenagers,’ Kress explained.

When asked if he thinks there will be surprises, Kress could only reveal, “I mean, yes. I think so.”

He was also asked if he thinks “people will be a little bit shocked” by the reboot’s storylines and explained, “Yes. I think … some interesting stuff happens to Freddie in his life.”

He continued, “I hope people just, the one thing that I want them to get out of this is it’s gonna be different. And when I say it’s for adults, that does not mean kids can’t watch it … it’s just that it’s not geared towards children.”

He clarified, “It’s for adults now. In that way, it’s kind of fun … I think people can rest assured that it’s going to be pretty different while still staying true to the core of who it is and the core of where the characters are.”