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The iCarly reboot finally arrived on Paramount+ on June 17, 2021. Miranda Cosgrove has reprised her role as internet sensation Carly Shay, plus Jerry Trainor as Spencer Shay and Nathan Kress as Freddie Benson. For the most part, the gang’s all here, but there are a few missing faces.

Jennette McCurdy, who played Sam Puckett in the Nickelodeon series, has said that she decided not to return for the iCarly reboot. But what about Noah Munck, the actor who played Gibby? Will the wacky character make an appearance in the Paramount+ show?

'iCarly' star Noah Munck at Naval Submarine Base New London
‘iCarly’ star Noah Munck | Photo by David Surowiecki/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

Gibby had plenty of memorable moments on the original ‘iCarly’

iCarly fans may remember Gibby as the kid who always took his shirt off. He was quite an interesting character, but he did make for some hilarious and crazy storylines. Many fans can’t forget the time Gibby rescued Carly, Sam, and Freddie from their stalker, Nora Dershlit, or all those times he carried around a “Gibby head.” He shocked his on-screen friends when he introduced his beautiful girlfriend, Tasha, played by Emily Ratajkowski.

During a 2017 appearance on the OYC Podcast, Munck explained that he had a “weird relationship” with his character. He revealed that he often had fans approach him with unkind remarks as if they were bullying Gibby, just as Sam and others did on iCarly.

“Maybe one day I’ll have a better relationship with it, and who knows, I’ll come back,” Munck said.

Where is Gibby in the ‘iCarly’ reboot?

Where did life end up taking Gibby? According to Kress and Trainor, the character still exists in the iCarly universe, but it’s not clear where he is at the moment.

“I think what’s great is that’s the most Gibby thing right now, it’s just that question of, ‘What is Gibby up to?” Kress said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, adding that he doesn’t really know what Gibby is doing today.

“It speaks to the larger thing, which is when we were doing this, we didn’t want to abandon the world that had been created,” Trainor added. “We wanted it to be that mirrored sort of satirical, absurdist world. What would that look like in the modern age? There are people that are gonna come back from the past…These characters, they’re not gone. They still exist in this world.”

As far as Munck’s return to the series, it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll participate in the reboot, at least for now. As Newsweek reported, Munck has not appeared in any photographs of the reboot, and he didn’t make any comments about joining. It’s unclear at this time if that will change in the future.

What is Munck up to these days?


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It’s possible that Munck doesn’t have time for the iCarly reboot, given his other work. According to IMDb, the actor has played “Naked” Rob Smith on The Goldbergs since 2014. He also performs comedy sketches and produces EDM music on YouTube.