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Recording artist and actor Ice Cube recently shared sentiments on social media in honor of Bernie Mac. Here’s what Ice Cube posted on Instagram about the late comedy star.

Bernie Mac
Bernie Mac | Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Ice Cube and Bernie Mac worked together on multiple projects

Mac was one of the Original Kings of Comedy, and N.W.A. alum Ice Cube is an original gangsta rapper. Although they began their show business careers on vastly different paths, both entertainers developed a knack for creating memorable experiences for their audiences. To the delight of fans, the artists took the opportunity to work together on, not one, but three different projects.

The first time Ice Cube and Mac worked together was in the 1995 stoner flick, Friday. The now-classic comedy revolves around a day in the life of Craig Jones, a twenty-something who gets fired on his day off. Throughout the film, Craig mixes it up with a cast of kooky neighbors. Bernie Mac tickles the funny bone as the inappropriately amorous Pastor Clever, who draws the ire of a lover’s jealous husband.

Next up for the duo was the 1998 drama, The Players Club, which Ice Cube wrote, directed, and co-starred in. The film’s setting is a legendary strip joint, The Players Club. Bernie Mac portrays Dollar Bill, the nightspot owner who is in hot water with a loan shark. Ice Cube plays the role of Reggie, a no-nonsense tough guy working for said loan shark.

The final collaboration between Ice Cube and Mac was in 2002 when the former made a guest appearance on the latter’s sitcom. The Bernie Mac Show, a biting situation comedy, aired for five seasons before ending in 2006.

Bernie Mac passed away in 2008

From big-screen features to small-screen laughs, Mac crackled with charisma. During the 2000s, the star was on a hot streak, landing back-to-back roles. Sadly, Mac passed away in 2008 at the age of 50. According to IMDb, the entertainer succumbed to complications from pneumonia. Mac’s final on-screen appearance was in the 2009 comedy, Old Dogs, opposite John Travolta, Robin Williams, and Kelly Preston, among other Hollywood A-listers.

Ice Cube honored Bernie Mac on the anniversary of his death


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On Aug. 9, exactly 12 years after Mac’s death, Ice Cube shared a photo of the comedian turned actor on social media. The Instagram image featured Mac in a scene from Players Club, draped in a money-green blazer. In the caption, Ice Cube wrote, “Remembering Bernie Mac: When I wrote The Player’s Club, Dollar Bill was specifically written for Bernie Mac and he [embodied] the role like no else could. Miss his spirit and sayings like, ‘If you play wit a puppy…they’ll lick you in the mouth and bite you on the lip!’”

Fans who want to check out The Players Club and Friday are in luck. The films are currently available to rent or purchase from various streaming platforms, including Google Play, YouTube, and VUDU. And Hulu subscribers who want to relive The Bernie Mac Show have the series at their fingertips.

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