If Deadpool Ever Made it Into the MCU, He’d Never Get His Own Movie

How Deadpool fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still a debate topic in the Marvel fan community. Many want the character to join the MCU in some capacity, despite already setting a precedent for hard R ratings in a superhero movie.

Certainly, the acerbic comedy the character brings would fit into the MCU if going by past Thor movies (and Ant-Man). The chances of this happening, however, seem remote based on the particular adult style the Deadpool movies set.

Fans are looking at it from a different perspective. They say Deadpool should stay in his own universe while still addressing events going on in the MCU. Well, Marvel may not allow that to be canon based on past record.

Would Marvel/Disney allow an R rating if Deadpool joined the MCU?

Actor Ryan Reynolds attends the premiere of 'Deadpool 2' at Park Hyatt Hotel. Could we see a Deadpool in the MCU next?
Ryan Reynolds at the ‘Deadpool 2’ premiere | Visual China Group via Getty Images/Visual China Group via Getty Images

Based on recent Reddit comments, fans agree Disney would probably not allow an R rating for any of their MCU movies. They already set a standard of making them as family-friendly as possible while still bringing a little edginess. PG-13 is the sweet rating spot for these – something allowing teenagers to watch the movies without parental guidance.

This comfortable rating space is why the MCU continues to dominate. Even so, a few characters from the Marvel roster managed to bring more grittiness in their recent incarnations. Most of those were on streaming, most notably Punisher. Thanks to Deadpool being just as dark on the big screen while still being funny, it basically created its own superhero genre.

As such, it would just be awkward to see Deadpool be forced to tone things down merely to join the Avengers. Some fans on Reddit still argue Deadpool can be hilarious without an R rating.

What will really happen to the character in the coming years? Potential for joining the MCU is ultimately there based on past comic book stories.

What are fans saying about Deadpool of late?

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Said one Reddit user: “I’d make it so that Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool lives in his own pocket satire universe where over-the-top versions of any character can appear for non-canon adventures. That way, Deadpool would not be constrained by the MCU and the MCU would not be undermined by his fourth-wall-breaking antics.”

One has to assume Marvel and Disney read these comments to see how the public would react if they brought Deadpool aboard. Based on the latter’s narrative approach and penchant for every four-letter word, he might look watered down joining the MCU at this point. Regardless, there was a PG-13 edit done of Deadpool 2 that did very well when re-released to theaters in 2018.

Based on this, a few fans will likely argue Deadpool really can clean up his act a little for sake of interactions with notable superheroes. If going by past comic book stories, he certainly could interact with a few.

For instance, Deadpool had some fun and off-beat stories with Spider-Man for a time, according to Screen Rant. No one should forget Peter Parker had a lot of acerbic one-liners in the comics, something now forgotten with Tom Holland’s more humble version of Parker.

Can Deadpool reference MCU characters without them being together?

A big problem exists with having a particular superhero universe and claiming it connects to the MCU. Many Marvel fans might be put off with such a thing since the TV show franchises promised the same thing. While a few made some clever references, none of them ever had real character crossovers.

Having Deadpool acknowledging past or future events in the MCU might be fun if being an annoying approach. If it becomes possible at all, Reddit fans above think it should occur in a multiverse situation. Doing so would allow MCU characters to let loose and be on the same level of Deadpool without it being marked as canon in the bigger picture.

Since a Deadpool 3 is still very much up in the air, having Deadpool appearing in an upcoming Phase Four MCU movie might look somewhat like a party crash.