If ‘Ghost Rider’ Rumors Were Confirmed, MCU Fans Want Gabriel Luna Back

The Marvel Cinematic Universe character of Ghost Rider has had a lot of twists and turns on the big-screen and TV over the last 13 years. Of course, the most notorious case is the Nicolas Cage franchise, with the first movie popular enough to spark a sequel.

Others will argue the Agents of SHIELD version of Ghost Rider has been the most definitive to date thanks to Gabriel Luna’s performance. Despite that, a lot of arguing continues about who should really play Ghost Rider again if the character ever revives.

Rumors about a new Hulu series have already fallen through. Nevertheless, with the character still perennially popular, it still gives a wild shot Luna would return by fan demand.

Comparing the two versions of Ghost Rider

Gabriel Luna on the red carpet
Gabriel Luna | Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

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Doing a comparison between Nicolas Cage and Gabriel Luna is like comparing two different species. Cage is, of course, a definitively unique actor no one can really duplicate. His version of Johnny Blaze becoming Ghost Rider is still being talked about if also still panned by some, including the actor himself.

Cage has said he wanted to make his Ghost Rider films more into darker R-rated tales, something the studio nixed. As a result, even he tells people to steer clear of the two films he made as the character.

He still believes a darker version should be done for either movies or TV. While he said he would probably be too old for the part when it finally does happen, the original proposed Hulu update might have gone there.

Fans on social media still praise Luna’s take playing the Robbie Reyes iteration of Ghost Rider. There seems to be no contest in saying Luna’s take is better than Cage’s.

What exactly do fans say about a Ghost Rider revival?

Over on Reddit, opinion is decidedly mixed on which version of Ghost Rider should be seen again. One person noted: “Blaze. If they end up doing Ghost Rider, I’d much rather see him than any other Rider. Although, I wouldn’t mind if they wanted to do Robbie.”

Not that everyone necessarily thinks Cage should return in the Johnny Blaze role. For the most part, it seems the comments were more on the Robbie Reyes character, last seen in Agents of SHIELD. Even though Al MacKenzie and even Phil Coulson stepped in as Ghost Rider briefly when Reyes could not, the version Luna created really resonated with audiences.

Why his portrayal went over better may have to do with having him on weekly television, not including being one of the original characters from the comics. Besides, he even managed to connect with Johnny Blaze briefly without Cage being behind the skull mask.

Only one big problem exists in reviving the character: He has to be of a certain age, making it difficult to bring back the same actor if long delays occur.

Should there be a different Ghost Rider iteration?

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Thanks to several characters inhabiting the title of Ghost Rider in the comics, Marvel could literally start all over with something fresh. A user on Reddit above noted they thought any revival should focus on Carter Slade, aka the western Ghost Rider.

This take on the character has a lot more intrigue because he was the very first version of the character done for the comics, despite being renamed Phantom Rider later.

Carter Slade’s story takes place in the Old West, offering a dark western version with a vigilante superhero slant. Incidentally, Sam Elliott played Carter Slade in the 2007 Ghost Rider movie.

Reinventing the character through the old western genre would better suit the creative whims of the MCU. Whether it happens or not, the chances always exist Gabriel Luna could still return if the character revives within the next few years. Because Luna is 37 now, hitting 40 may still be the stigma permeating in the MCU for how old a Marvel character should be.