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Impractical Jokers keeps viewers laughing on a weekly basis. But as funny as it is for us, that’s not always the case with the participants. Several pranks have resulted in disastrous outcomes — from people cursing out the comedians to refusing to give permission to use their faces. There was even one episode where one angry target nearly attacked a joker.

Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano, Brian Quinn, and James Murray
Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano, Brian Quinn, and James Murray of truTV’s ‘Impractical Jokers’ on the red carpet at an event in May 2019 in New York City | Mike Coppola/Getty Images for WarnerMedia

‘Impractical Jokers’ is a wild show

Starring longtime friends Sal Vulcano, Joe Gatto, James “Murr” Murray, and Brian “Q” Quinn, Impractical Jokers a hidden camera television series that debuted on truTV in 2011.

In each episode, the jokers challenge one another to do embarrassing stunts in public. At the end of the show, the person who lost the most challenges has to take a punishment created by the other cast members.

The show thrives on people’s reactions to the pranks, which range anywhere from shock and concern to agitation and anger. Oftentimes, people take the jokes in stride, but there have also been plenty of situations where that wasn’t the case.

1 of the stars of ‘Impractical Jokers’ was nearly pummeled over a prank

For one particular prank in the season seven episode “No Good Deed” (2018), the guys visited a local store and had to do and say whatever they were told.

When it was Murr’s turn, he was ordered to reach over someone practically twice his size to grab products. The shopper did not speak throughout the joke, but his body language suggested he was growing increasingly irritated with Murr.

Afterward, Murr had to take a bra and ask the shopper: “Would you try this on? I’m trying to fit [it] for my girl.” But he didn’t get a chance. Once the shopper noticed Murr holding up the bra in his direction, he snapped, berating him and almost assaulting him. Murr only escaped after running away and letting security intervene.


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Later, it was revealed that the altercation between Murr and the shopper continued off-camera

In an Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes special that aired later on, it was revealed that the shopper allegedly hit Murr in the nose with his phone, and that production nearly shut down after the incident.

“This guy was furious. He waited outside for Murr to come out — a while. Then he left and said he’s coming back. He was out for blood, that man,” Sal said of the incident.

However, things “slowly but surely” calmed down after Murr approached the man and explained what was happening.

“I give Murray props, man” Sal continued. “… That guy… Probably we caught him on a bad day. I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy. If he’s watching, I’m sure he’s a great guy.”