Ina Garten Made This ‘Gorgeous’ Dessert With Taylor Swift Which Reminded Her of the Songwriter

Barefoot Contessa star, Ina Garten has certainly made a name for herself in the food industry. With 2.9 million Instagram followers, Garten has become well-known for her delicious and comforting recipes. Fans are constantly gushing over her drool-worthy photos and trying their best to replicate the recipes found in her many cookbooks. Garten even has a few famous friends who are fans of her work.

Ina Garten Instagram
Ina Garten | Lloyd Bishop/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Thanks to Garten’s success on TV and Instagram, she’s had the opportunity to develop relationships with famous people. The Barefoot Contessa star was able to meet and have a conversation with Michelle Obama when she still the First Lady and film a one-hour TV special where she cooked a meal with the White House chef. Garten also had the opportunity to connect with actor, comedian, and writer, Tina Fey, and she gushed that the Mean Girls star was the funniest person she’d ever met.

Ina Garten and Taylor Swift have great respect for one another

Garten has also found a friend in singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift. Swifties will remember that the folklore artist once posted a photo of herself and the chef to Instagram. But the pair didn’t just hang out, they actually whipped up a recipe together. In a conversation with People, Garten revealed that the “cardigan” singer had pretty unusual preferences when it comes to recipes that she enjoys making.

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“Who doesn’t like Taylor Swift?” Garten questioned when asked about her opinion of the Red singer. “She showed up for a photo shoot at the barn and we were all just like ‘Oh my God.’ Before the shoot my publicist asked her people, ‘What does Taylor like to make?’ and they said ‘roast beef, date nut bread and mustard-roasted fish.’ And my publicist said ‘That sounds like an 82-year-old.'”

The ‘Barefoot Contessa’ star revealed which recipe she made with Swift

Ultimately, Garten made the executive decision to pick a dessert recipe that she could make with Swift. As Swift has described herself as an avid baker and makes sweet treats for her family, friends, and even fans, the Barefoot Contessa star likely made the right decision. In fact, the chef shared that the dessert turned out so well that it reminded her of Swift.

“We ended up making pavlova with meringue, whipped cream and berries. It just reminded me of Taylor because it was so gorgeous,” Garten revealed. “And we made the mustard-roasted fish. It was so much fun. She sent everyone on staff gifts afterwards.”

Will Swift and Garten even cook together again?

Garten continued on to gush about Swift’s personality and gave insight into what has made the singer so successful. “The thing about Taylor is she runs her own business and she makes all of her own decisions; she is so smart and so deliberate, she really cares about how people respond to her message,” Garten added. “She’s beyond authentic.” Clearly, Garten and Swift have a great deal of respect for one another. Perhaps this means that fans can expect for them to reunite for a cooking special in the future.