‘Indian Matchmaking’: Fans Point Out the Real ‘Villain’ of the Show–and It Is an Unexpected One

Indian Matchmaking premiered on Netflix in mid-July, and the show has quickly become a fan favorite. People everywhere have been tuning in to watch matchmaker Sima Taparia find love for hopeful singles in India and the United States.

Throughout the course of the series’ eight episodes, viewers have also gotten to know several personalities on Indian Matchmaking. Some tend to be more well-liked by fans than others. However, at the end of the day, fans believe there is one “villain” on the show, and it is an unexpected one.

Some people on ‘Indian Matchmaking’ are unpopular with fans

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While different people tend to be drawn to different personality types, there are a few people on Indian Matchmaking that seem to be disliked by a large portion of the show’s fandom.

For example, lawyer Aparna Shewakramani is one of the first singles shown on the show, and she has since become a divisive figure on social media. While some fans applaud her for showcasing herself as a strong, independent woman, others think she exudes too much negativity and made too many judgments of her dates.

Another person many viewers don’t seem to like is businessman Akshay Jakhete’s mother, Preeti. Throughout the episodes, Preeti could be seen pressuring her son into picking a mate and getting married, noting to a lot of people around her that she is stressed out by his unmarried status. At one point, she even blames her high blood pressure on her son.

Fans point out the real ‘villain’ of the show

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Given how they have been portrayed, it is no wonder people like Shewakramani and Preeti have been called “villains” by fans. However, some fans have noted that the actual “villain” of Indian Matchmaking is a less-obvious one—it is the show’s editing.

“I think none of the people on this show are as bad or good as they seem,” one fan said on Reddit. “The editing of this show is the real villain.”

Another person agreed, writing, “These are real people. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with thousands of people judging my character at some foolish moment.”

Aparna Shewakramani has spoken out about her portrayal on ‘Indian Matchmaking’

Indian Matchmaking
Aparna Shewakramani on ‘Indian Matchmaking’ | Netflix

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Shewakramani herself talked to a few media outlets about how she and the other cast members were edited on the show.

Speaking to Tweak India, she said, “I was definitely shocked at the way it was edited, it showed a very two-dimensional perspective of all of us. They were edited, crafted and sensationalised for TV. My dates lasted for more than an hour and all people saw was a 20-second clip.”

She also urged fans to not make haste judgments about people on reality TV, especially since viewers do not always get the full picture of who someone truly is.

“It’s really interesting to see so many viewers invested in a two-dimensional Aparna they think they know,” she said. “They come at me, reach out to me, giving me therapy and I’m like ‘You watch sound bytes on TV and you believe this to be absolutely true?’ So maybe it’s time to start thinking about how we’re consuming this content that’s so craftily created.”