‘Indian Matchmaking’: Vinay Breaks Down What Really Happened Between Him and Nadia and Why He Ghosted Her

Indian Matchmaking has taken fans by storm. The new Netflix series is the perfect mix of romance and culture. It didn’t take long for fans to pick their favorites on the show and point out the daters that they didn’t like. Nadia Jagessar was a favorite for lots of viewers. Her kind personality and openness to date made her easy to be matched and even more enjoyable to watch. Fans were heartbroken when she got ghosted by Vinay Chadha. But now, Chadha is saying that there is more to the story than we were shown.

Nadia Indian Matchmaking
Nadia Jagessar of Indian Matchmaking | Netflix

What happened between Nadia and Vinay on the show?

After a bad date, Jagessar was wary of trying again. But as soon as she met Chadha, it was clear that her luck had changed. She and Chadha got along so well from the first moment, bonding over a shared hatred of ketchup and identical senses of humor. They continued to date and Jagessar even met Chadha’s friends. Everything seemed to be going great until Chadha stood her up with no explanation. Later, he apologized and sent gifts to show Jagessar that he was really sorry. She agreed to start seeing him again only for him to stand her up when she was planning on introducing him to her friends.

What does Vinay say happened?

Chadha got a lot of backlash for his actions on the show so he recently took to Instagram to clear his name.

“Did I make mistakes? Of course,” he started. “The truth is we were supposed to hang out one night after a wedding she was at. I had a family issue during that night and intended to still come, hence I texted on my way. I was def unclear and vauge and not responsive and I own that. I should have never made her wait or been stupid enough to not share the real reason.

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“Over the next week, I explained that to her and could see it bothered her. As such, I wanted to meet the friends that I would have met after the wedding (not what you saw on Netflix) and met one and explained it.”

He went on to say that he spent time apologizing but the next few weeks were rough for him.

“Fast forward to the movie night,” he continued. “I never ditched her there.”

He said that he texted Jagessar that morning to tell her that he was sick and she didn’t react well. Chadha claimed that Jagessar ghosted him after that day.

What does Nadia say?

Jagessar eventually addressed Chadha’s claims as well.

“I have some messages where I said I don’t wish to pursue anything further, and he did keep reaching out and I ignored him,” she told the NY Post. “So if he considers that ghosting, that’s fine.

As for how Chadha came off looking like the bad guy, Jagessar doesn’t think that was her fault.

“Don’t be mad at me. I am not the producer or the person who created the show,” she told the outlet. “I am a piece of this puzzle, just as you were.”

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After Chadha, Jagessar went on a date with another match named Shekar. The two dated after filming but ultimately things didn’t work out.

“When I feel ready, maybe I’ll be calling Sima again, who knows?” Jagessar said. “But right now I just kind of want to do my thing.”