‘Infinity War’: Thanos Might Have Seen Black Widow As a Serious Threat

The debates over Thanos’s power still goes on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fan community, despite everyone agreeing he was at least one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Wisely, Marvel creates at least one vulnerability to these powerful villains, which also extends to the equally nefarious (and still unseen in the movies) Galactus.

Other discussions bring up the idea that some Avengers could have given Thanos a run for his money, something seemingly impossible based on the power factor. A recent discussion on social media insinuates Thanos thought Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff maybe posed a major threat, not necessarily based on her physical abilities.

Fans hint a famous Black Widow weapon had some substantial powers.

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What did Thanos know about Black Widow?


As fans on Reddit note, Black Widow did have a specific weapon available many viewers are still curious about. It appears these were the bracelets she wore (Widow’s Bite) capable of emanating electricity, something often doing more damage to major villains than they knew. These bracelets were also made into batons later.

There does seem to be some evidence Thanos was a bit vulnerable to electricity if going by some past situations. Said one Reddit user: “This is late but didn’t quill electrocute him in the titan fight? He threw down some type of energy holding device when everyone was trying to hold him still.”

Yes, that was possibly Thanos’s real weak spot, if ultimately recovering enough after the Quill incident. Black Widow’s bracelets/batons, though, might have had more power to them few knew about other than Thanos himself.

Being as omniscient as he was, the above Reddit thread thinks he took precautions disabling Natasha during one particular battle.

Is this why Thanos had Black Widow immobilized?

As everyone remembers from Infinity War, Thanos made rocks rise from the earth so they could envelop Natasha during the Battle of Wakanda. He might have known about the Widow’s Bite weapons being potential Kryptonite to him.

Were these bracelets really capable of incapacitating him, or at least temporarily? Perhaps they were, hence his precautions. And, since he probably knew Natasha would sacrifice herself in the final battle during Endgame, he never had to worry about her then.

If he was truly vulnerable to electric shock, it makes one wonder what The Avengers could have created to bring him down in an easier way. Not that the Time Heist could really be avoided if they wanted to bring everyone back from the snap.

Most interesting is the Russo Brothers wanted Black Widow more involved in the final battle with Thanos until doing a rewrite at the last minute.

Perhaps Black Widow could have taken down Thanos


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A Reddit user said one interesting thing: “That’s what I respect about her, so much. She does the most she can with what she’s got. Black Widow really puts the effort in, and that’s awesome!”

Quotes like this were fairly common on this thread as a reminder The Avengers were out to literally do whatever it took to defeat Thanos. Even Captain America was able to inflict some pain on Thanos (e.g. a few face punches), if obviously not overcoming the stone giant.

Knowing more about the Widow’s Bite bracelets might be able to answer the above Reddit thread, if maybe answerable when the Black Widow movie releases. Will everyone know how powerful the Widow’s Bite bracelets are in this prequel, giving allusions to what could have been had she used them on Thanos?

The Russos did reveal once they shot a scene with Black Widow fighting Thanos during Endgame, something testing well with audiences, according to IndieWire. Changing this did create more mystery over whether Natasha could technically be notched up a few rungs being one of the most powerful Avengers after all.