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A recently published report suggested that there was ‘no more COVID-19 drama at General Hospital‘ after Ingo Rademacher was fired. Contrary to said published report, the drama at GH continues.

For one, questions about the real reason Rademacher (who played Jax on the show) was fired still remain. Was it due to his transphobic comments, or was it due to his refusal to get the mandated vaccine? Secondly, there are still other cast members whose employment status with the show remains in limbo, and those reasons have yet to be made clear. Third, and perhaps most importantly, General Hospital has just hired a whole new public relations team to deal with the fallout.

So it’s very clear that this is far from over. And this also is the reason why it’s important to actually watch the shows, and listen to the fans, rather than reporting on a show that one clearly doesn’t watch. Let’s get to the bottom of it all.

General Hospital comings and goings focuses on Ingo Rademacher
‘General Hospital’ | J.Sciulli/WireImage for Ogilvy Public Relations

Ingo Rademacher was reportedly fired from ‘General Hospital’ a long time ago

According to Us Weekly, Ingo Rademacher was reportedly fired from General Hospital due to his refusal to get the mandated COVID-19 vaccine. The outlet claimed they spoke to a ‘source’ close to the production. However, it must be stressed that Us Weekly did not speak to anyone on the General Hospital production team directly. The outlet also did not receive an official statement from Rademacher, ABC, or GH.

People, however, did speak to someone in production. And they confirmed that Rademacher is no longer a part of the show. However, they claimed that he was fired “a long time ago.” And they also claimed that his exit was well-planned prior to the so-called “vaccine mandate” being in place.

What’s more, because Rademacher’s final episode already has an airdate, it’s clear that both cast and crew knew about his departure prior to the latest controversy. This controversy, which was sparked after Rademacher misgendered Rachel Levine on Instagram, forced Nancy Lee Grahn to go public with his termination.

His last airdate will be later this month

Soap Opera Network confirms that Ingo Rademacher’s last show on General Hospital will be on Monday, Nov. 22. While it’s unclear how Jax will be written off the show, what’s clear is that Rademacher will not be returning. The outlet confirmed that Rademacher taped his last show “at an unspecified time.”

However, that only answers one of the many questions lingering about GH‘s casting lineup.

Questions about the casting still remain

Steve Burton, who plays Jason Morgan on General Hospital, still has his casting status up in the air. According to The Toronto Sun, Burton is also reportedly “out” at the show. The outlet spoke to “sources” close to the production, who claimed that Burton’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis over the summer was actually indicative of his failure to get the vaccine. What’s more, the source reportedly said that “you can guess” why Burton is out at the show.


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As of this writing, neither General Hospital nor Burton has commented about his status on the show. We will keep you posted with any updates.