‘Ink Master’ Season 13 Finalist Bob Jones Explains Why They Couldn’t Postpone Finale or Judge Virtually

Ink Master: Turf Wars ended with no winner for the first time in Ink Master’s history due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The majority of viewers were very upset as they were invested in the season and wanted to see who would take home the title. They suggested the judges could determine the winner via webcam or have the fans vote, and finalist Bob Jones explained why none of their ideas would work and why they didn’t postpone the finale instead of canceling. 

Ink Master Season 13 finale
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Bob Jones, Angel Rose, and Jimmy Snaz made the finale

In Episode 15, the remaining five contestants competed head-to-head for the coveted spot in the finals. First, the group collectively chose a style and subject that each of their opponents must tattoo. Even though Kelly Severtson had the best application for his galaxy morphing lady face, it didn’t hit the challenge, and he was eliminated.

Bob Jones’ realistic lionfish won him a spot in the finale, and the remaining three had to go head-to-head in a 13-hour tattoo marathon.

While veteran Angel Rose tattooed the least, her designs were chosen the most by canvases, and the judges enjoyed her “pleasing” body of work, awarding her the next spot in the finale.

Lone Team Midwest member Jerrel Larkins and returning competitor Jimmy Snaz landed in the bottom. Even though Jerrel completed more tattoos, the judges felt Jimmy’s looked more complete, and he joined Angel and Bob in the finale.

For the first time in Ink Master history, the finalists had to tattoo a 25-hour back piece, another 25-hour chest piece, and a six-hour thigh piece at the scheduled live finale.

Unfortunately, the finale never happened due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Therefore, they did not crown a winner and instead gave Bob, Angel, and Jimmy a cash prize.

The three finalists showed their Master Canvases

The following day, the finalists revealed their Master Canvases on the official Ink Master YouTube channel before unveiling them on their respective social media accounts.

Bob and Angel both created a black-and-grey illustrative back masterpiece and a challenging Biomech chest piece. Jimmy Snaz also picked black-and-grey illustrative for his temptation-themed back piece and went with his style, American Traditional, for the chest piece.

While viewers didn’t get to see Bob and Angel’s American Traditional tattoo or Jimmy’s Biomech, the finalists shared sketches of their designs on the YouTube stream.

Bob Jones explains why ‘Ink Master’ couldn’t do a virtual judging

Many Ink Master viewers were upset they canceled the finale as they wanted to see who would take home the prize. They criticized the show and felt like they could have done a virtual judging as everyone already completed a chest and back piece.

Bob took to his Instagram account to explain why a virtual judging wouldn’t work. In one Instagram post, he said they could not just eliminate a style because the contestants chose different styles for different parts of the body.

Therefore, there are styles that some didn’t do as they were saving it for the thigh piece. According to Bob, it “wouldn’t be fair” for the judges because they would have to see all styles from everyone to determine the winner appropriately.

Many fans still had several questions, so Bob clarified in a second post. He explained they could not judge via webcam using photos because there are “too many variables that would make the judging unfair” including lighting and the person taking the picture.

Finally, several viewers suggested the fans should vote for the winner, but Bob believes that it is the “most unfair way of settling things” as other contestants are more popular than others.

According to the finalist, they could only postpone the finale. However, Paramount Network did not want to. Therefore, Ink Master had no option but to cancel and not crown a winner.