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Frank Ready, an artist from Ink Master Season 11, has returned as a “juggernaut” along with three others for Season 13. Why did the tattooer come back for another season?

Ink Master Frank Ready
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‘Ink Master’ Season 13: Turf Wars

For the 13th season, the theme is Turf Wars, and the artists will compete in teams based on their hometown regions. Five contestants from the East (Jimmy Snaz, Jessa Bigelow, K Lenore Siner, Emac, and Andrew Hicks), South (Jason Elliott, MoneyMike Thornton, Nychelle Elise, Patrick Flynn, and Jordi Pla), West (Angel Rose, Bob Jones, Raul Ugarte, Hiram Casas, and Arlene Salinas), and Midwest (Frank Ready, Jake Parsons, Jordan Allred, Kelly Severtson, and Jerell Larkins) all face-off for a $100,000 grand prize, an editorial feature in Inked Magazine, and the Ink Master title.

After three episodes, the East lost two players, Andrew Hicks, who quit, and Emac, and the South is down two artists, Nychelle Elise and Patrick Flynn. Additionally, in a new twist this season, the judges can save one artist from elimination.

Frank Ready and three other artists returned to ‘Ink Master’

In another twist, each region features a returning artist including trash-talking Jason Elliott (Team South) and Frank Ready (Team Midwest) from Season 10 as well as “villain” Jimmy Snaz (Team East) and Angel Rose (Team West) from Season 11.

Jason placed fourth, and Frank finished in eighth in their season, with Jimmy Snaz and Angel Rose placing in 10th and 11th, respectively.

Frank Ready revealed why he returned for ‘Ink Master’ Season 13

In an Instagram post, Frank shared why he chose to come back and compete in another season of Ink Master. He began by explaining his “first time out” was “new, exciting, and absolutely terrifying.”

He wrote, “I was in a house with juggernauts of my industry, and I had to live with and compete against them.” Frank admitted he “felt out of his element often” as there’s “no way to prepare for it.”

Even though sometimes, “it was nearly impossible to tell which way is up,” the tattoo artist said he still “loved every stressful moment of it.” Additionally, Frank “learned so much” about himself and how to play the game.

He thanked the artists he learned from in Season 10 and “quickly realized” he went from “a two-month whirlwind to a life where almost nothing was spinning but me. I was incredibly motivated, and my butt would tell you that a fire was definitely lit under it” after the judges eliminated him.

However, since then, Frank noticed he has “progressed” and carries the critiques he received into every tattoo he currently does, which has made him a better artist.

For Season 13, Frank recognizes he, along with the other returning artists, are the “juggernauts” now, and he feels “more ready” this time around. Ultimately, according to Frank, he “came back because Ink Master helped shape me into the artist I am now. Ink Master became my home, and no matter where you go in life, eventually, you always come back home.”

Watch Frank Ready compete with his Midwest team on Ink Master Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on Paramount Network.