‘Ink Master’ Season 14 Includes Largest Cash Prize in History; 2 Artists Already Eliminated

Ink Master has returned after getting canceled in 2020 during Paramount’s shift to focus on other programming. Paramount+ picked it up, and season 14 includes the largest cash prize in the franchise history as well as new judges and host. Which two artists have already gotten eliminated?

‘Ink Master’ Season 14 includes the largest cash prize

After getting canceled following 13 seasons on Paramount in 2020, streaming giant Paramount+ picked up the tattooing-based reality series.

The first two episodes dropped on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, with a new set of judges and a different host.

Season 8 champ and spinoff Ink Master: Angels host Ryan Ashley, Miami Ink star and Japanese specialist Ami James, and Nikko Hurtado, who is credited with revolutionizing color tattooing, replaced Chris Núñez and Oliver Peck, and Good Charlotte lead vocalist and tattoo enthusiast Joel Madden has stepped in as the new presenter.

Former host Dave Navarro returns virtually as the Master of Chaos, who appears to deliver challenging twists to the artists. The judging panel shake-up is the first in 13 seasons. Additionally, the new cash prize is now up from $100,000 to $250,000, the largest in franchise history. However, it doesn’t seem as though the staple feature in Inked magazine is included.

‘Ink Master’ Season 14 cast includes returning artists

The cast features all returning artists competing individually.

Last season’s Team West artists Bob Jones, Angel Rose, and Hiram Casas came back for another shot at the title. While Hiram finished sixth, Bob and Angel competed in the finals, but no winner was decided due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, the two and Jimmy Snaz were awarded an undisclosed amount of money.

Season 12’s Holli Marie, Pon DeMan, and Creepy Jason, alongside season 11’s Chris Shockley, Deanna James of season 10, and runner-ups Katie McGowan (season 9) and Gian Karle (season 8), also returned in hopes of becoming the next Ink Master.

Who were the first two artists eliminated from ‘Ink Master?’

The returning artists started by competing in a three-round gauntlet. After each round, whoever received safety from the judges didn’t have to participate in the following round. Even though Chris advanced, he declined the protection and chose to compete anyway, wanting to prove himself. Ultimately, his move backfired as the judges eliminated him over Bob.

During episode 2, which focused on creativity, the remaining nine artists competed in a flash challenge where they had to create an image of a building using sticky notes. Team Pon, consisting of Gian, Bob, and Hiram, pulled out the win with their recreation of an aquarium exhibit.


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Considering Bob his competition, Gian approached the Oregon native with an alliance, and the season 13 artist immediately invited his former Team West members Hiram and Angel. Therefore, the season 8 runner-up brought in Pon, hoping the group would get to the final five and duke it out from there.

The alliance paid off as Pon gave threats to Katie and Deanna the most difficult canvases, and they ended up at the bottom. After a close call, the judges decided Deanna’s piece lacked fundamental skills and sent her home. Chris and Deanna were the first two eliminated, placing 10th and ninth, respectively. Ink Master airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.