‘Ink Master: Turf Wars’: No Winner Crowned Due to Coronavirus; Fans React

After a brutal double elimination in Ink Master: Tuf Wars (Season 13) Episode 15, viewers were informed they would not see the epic finale play out as production had to shut down to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Fans are upset about the news and believe Ink Master mishandled it.

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information revealed in Ink Master Season 13 Episode 15.]

Ink Master finale
Anthony Michaels (bottom L) and judges (top L-R) Oliver Peck, Dave Navarro and Chris Nunez speak onstage during the Return of the Masters competition phase of the Ink Master Season 10 Finale | Bryan Steffy

Double elimination in ‘Ink Master’ Season 13 Episode 15

For the first challenge of the day, the group collectively chose the style and object for everyone’s tattoo. Jimmy Snaz’s color realism jellyfish received mostly positive feedback from the judges who felt like he hit the challenge, but Bob Jones’ fine line black and grey realistic lionfish won him Best Tattoo of the Day. Additionally, the Team West teammate earned the first spot in the finale.

While the judges pointed out that Jerrel Larkins’ full-color Japanese horse-mounted archer looked “unfinished” and thought Angel Rose’s color realism evergreen forest had more of a painting feel, they ultimately decided to send Kelly Severtson’s galaxy morphing lady face home.

Then, Angel, Jerrel, and Jimmy faced off in a 13-hour long tattooing marathon. The contestants had to create their own flash sheet with five different designs that all incorporated the number 13. Additionally, each canvas had the opportunity to select any of the artists’ conceptions.

While the canvases chose Angel’s tattoos the most, she completed the least as she got stuck tattooing a time-consuming space dog several times. However, the judges enjoyed her “pleasing” body of the work the most, and they selected her as the next finalist.

They complemented Jerrel for his linework and completing the most tattoos but noted his inconsistent shading and thought Jimmy had a few bad outlines. Overall, the judges thought Jimmy put his “stamp and style” on every tattoo and eliminated Jerrel. 

‘Ink Master’ canceled the Season 13 finale due to coronavirus

The three finalists then had to tattoo two 25-hour master canvases, a back and chest piece, instead of the usual one. The contestants were also assigned a six-hour thigh tattoo that they must complete at the live finale.

Therefore, they will have to tattoo for 56 hours, which is the most required by any Ink Master finalist. Additionally, the contestants can only choose the style for one of the pieces as they must tattoo the other techniques their competitors have picked for the remaining two tattoos, setting them up for three head-to-head battles.

Sticking to their strong points, Jimmy chose American Traditional, Angel picked illustrative black and grey, and Bob went with his specialty, Biomech. Unfortunately, fans will not get to see the epic finale play out as production shut it down due to governmental orders in place for the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

At the end of the episode, a narrator informed the viewers that all three finalists would receive a cash prize because they were unable to crown a winner. However, fans can see the contestant’s Master Canvas tattoos at 7 p.m. EST on their respective social media channels.

Fans react to the cancellation of ‘Ink Master’ Season 13

Several viewers were upset they watched the entire season only not to see a winner. Additionally, many didn’t understand why the judges couldn’t crown someone remotely since the finalists have completed their Master Canvases.

Others thought Ink Master could have postponed the finale instead of canceled it as they were looking forward to seeing Jimmy’s outfit in addition to the Turf Wars champion.

Another user suggested letting viewers vote for the winner as several fans have expressed they feel canceling it is unfair to themselves as well as the artists. It’s unsure how much money the finalists received and if they’ll all appear in Inked Magazine as the winner usually earns.

Still, fans are hoping more questions are answered during a live stream featuring the three contestants on the official Ink Master YouTube channel on April 15 at 7 p.m. EST.