‘Insecure’: Will Issa and Lawrence Get Back Together? Jay Ellis Finally Answers

Last night’s episode of Insecure brought up a lot of questions. Why can’t Molly and Issa get on the same page? What is going to happen with Lawrence’s career now that his job is downsizing? Are Condola and Lawrence really compatible? But the number one question that fans were left wondering is whether Issa and Lawrence will reconnect this season. Well, actor Jay Ellis, who portrays Lawrence, finally gave us an answer.

Jay Ellis
Jay Ellis | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

What happened on last night’s episode?

*Spoilers ahead*

Sunday night’s episode saw the cast celebrating Thanksgiving in their own ways. At the beginning of the episode, Lawrence asks Condola if she wants to come with him to his friends’ Thanksgiving dinners. She, then, tells him that she’s actually hosting a party and he basically invites himself.

Meanwhile, things get awkward when Issa and Molly go grocery shopping and start throwing snide jabs at one another. They agree that things have been weird between them and plan to talk it out later over pie at Molly’s family Thanksgiving.

Issa and her brother later end up ditching their mother’s boyfriend’s family for Thanksgiving and go to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate together.

Lawrence makes a great impression on Condola’s friends but one of them lets it slip that Condola is just looking for something fun after her divorce. Later, Lawrence confronts Condola and asks if she’s over her ex-husband.

“I mean, if anybody should be worried about an ex, it should probably be me,” she responds. “You and Issa have little jokes, and you have the same friends. How do you think that makes me feel?”

After dinner, Lawrence sees a video on Instagram of Issa and her brother having fun at the Mexican restaurant and he responds to it, initiating a DM conversation with Issa.

Are Lawrence and Issa getting back together?

In the episode, Condola asks Lawrence if he would still be with Issa if she hadn’t cheated. He fails to answer, but Ellis recently gave his take on the two’s relationship.

“I don’t think [they’d be together]. I still think they were too complacent,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “The problem for me about season one is I think [Lawrence] was trying to make himself better for Issa, not necessarily make himself better for himself… which is what I think he ultimately found in season two.”

“So, I think even if she had not cheated on him, they never really had a conversation about what the problem really was. I think they would have fallen back into a rhythm of complacency, and I think ultimately, they would have found themselves just going through the motions,” he continued.

But Condola’s question ultimately got Lawrence thinking.

“I think Condola raised a question to Lawrence that I think he never thought about or considered himself,” Ellis said. “I think he wants to figure that out.”

Right now, Issa and Lawrence are just friends, which is crazy in itself.

“When you think about it, how many exes get to be friends?” Ellis told the outlet. “That in itself is a massive feat. To be friends with your ex is massive, that doesn’t happen. Not in L.A., no way.”