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While Issa and Molly are the primary characters of HBO’s Insecure, there’s one character who provides constant comedic relief: Kelli. Fans often grow tired of Issa and Molly’s bickering and can always count on Kelli (Natasha Rothwell) for a good laugh. With season 4 nearing its end, fans are calling for Kelli to have more of a central role.

Natasha Rothwell as Kelli on HBO's 'Insecure'
Natasha Rothwell as Kelli on HBO’s ‘Insecure’ via Twitter

Natasha Rothwell as Kelli on ‘Insecure’

Rothwell stars on the series as Kelli and is a writer for the show. Kelli has been friends with Issa since college and works as a financial adviser. Out of the four friends, Kelli is closest to Tiffany while Molly and Issa are best friends. But as the show progresses, the women develop closer bonds within the circle outside of their typical partner in crime.

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Issa and Kelli become closer as they enter into new phases in their lives. Once Issa and Lawrence split, she’s on a self-care journey of becoming a better version of herself, and her friendship with Molly often falls flat as Molly continues the same toxic behavior. 

Simultaneously, Tiffany’s pregnancy ignites a strain on her relationship with Kelli and the two are at a crossroads regarding the future of their friendship. Though Tiffany appoints Kelli as her daughter’s godmother, Kelli’s bond with Issa remains strong. 

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Kelli is a fan favorite for her ability to use comedy in any situation. 

Fans call to see more of Kelli’s character on ‘Insecure’

The last two episodes of Insecure were dedicated to Issa and Molly individually after the fallout of their blow-up at Issa’s block party. Many enjoyed the Issa episode but were less than pleased to discover the follow-up would be dedicated solely to Molly. 

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Fans have enjoyed Kelli’s comedy and her remaining the neutral friend and expressed on Twitter that they would have preferred an episode dedicated to her instead of Molly. Even Cosmopolitan recently produced an op-ed calling for the show to focus more on Kelli.

“I specifically remember asking for an entire episode dedicated to Kelly and who she is, but instead we got Molly…This episode was not appreciated,” one wrote.

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“Insecure fans, 4 seasons consecutively: “We want more Kelli!”  – Insecure writers: “Here’s an episode all about Molly,” wrote another.

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Fans are calling for greater character development of Kelli, as has been done with Molly and even the love interests of Molly and Issa’s characters.

“We need a Kelly episode, is she doing okay? What is she up to apart from babysitting,” one asked.

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Moreso, fans can’t get enough of Kelli as the funny friend and question whether or not Rothwell adlibs most of her lines.

“On an #InsecureHBO rewatch and man… you really need Tiffany and Kelli comedic relief against the Issa and Molly drama,” wrote one.

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“Can we get more screen time for the solid comedic relief unproblematic friends aka Kelli,” wrote another.

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There are just three episodes left in the season and many suspect the remaining episodes will focus on Issa and Molly repairing their friendship or deciding they need continued space. Luckily, the series has already been renewed for a fifth season so more of Kelli is for sure to be in store!