‘Insecure’ Fans Think Condola Is Cheating on Lawrence

Season 4 of Insecure is officially underway and it seems to be a battle between old and new. Issa is struggling in her relationship with her longtime bestie, Molly. Meanwhile, she’s getting close to a new friend, Condola, who is helping her with her passion project. Complicating Issa’s newfound friendship is the fact that Condola is dating her ex-boyfriend, Lawrence.

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‘Insecure’ Season 4 is off to a great start

After dating for five years, Lawrence and Issa have a lot of history together. The pair inevitably split up after Lawrence found out that Issa cheated on him. Although there was a period of intense anger and hatred, the exes seem to be pretty friendly nowadays. In fact, Lawrence and Issa have been so friendly lately it’s making Insecure fans wonder if the pair will get back together in season 4.

But while Lawrence may be questioning his feelings for Issa, he’s currently trying to navigate a new relationship with Condola. In the most recent episode of Insecure, Lawrence’s buddy, Chad, seemed to get in his head a bit about his latest love interest. This likely caused Lawrence to doubt whether he is good enough for Condola and we saw him begin to overcompensate.

A quick recap of the latest episode

The biggest example of Lawrence overcompensating came when he invited himself to Conodla’s Friendsgiving celebration. He then went above and beyond, playing the perfect host, refreshing drinks, and doting on Condola. Things seem to go well until Condola’s intoxicated friend implied that she was only dating Lawrence as a fun way to rebound from her ex-husband. For her part, Condola all but confirmed this after her friends went home.

Insecure fans on Instagram have definitely noted that Condola just isn’t as invested in the relationship as Lawrence is. They feel that he is simply embarrassing himself by going above and beyond and were all too eager to make their feelings known. “He was trying WAAAY to hard! Inviting himself over and being great for someone who was sending the signals ‘not that into you’ poor Lawrence,” one fan wrote, after the latest episode of Season 4.

Fans believe Lawrence is trying too hard with Condola

“I felt so embarrassed for him, trying to co-host, getting people’s drinks and being all friendly. And she didn’t even invite him!” another person declared. “Awww look at Lawrence fixing taps at the party he wasn’t invited too. How cute,” one person teased. “And not only did she not invite him, she made a point to remind him that afterwards [sic] too, 😬” yet another person chimed in.

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Playas gotta plumb too.

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Some fans weren’t embarrassed but felt that Lawrence was just receiving payback for how he has treated his other love interests in previous seasons. “He’s basically getting the same treatment he gave to Tasha. Po lil Tink Tink,” yet another Insecure fan wrote. However, some people are embarrassed because they believe that, unbeknownst to Lawrence, Condola is seeing other people.

Did the ‘Insecure’ writers hint to another cheating scandal?

While Lawrence and Condola seem to be in a relationship, the audience hasn’t heard them have the exclusivity talk. Fans’ interests were piqued when Condola stated that she had a plumber come by and fix her sink but couldn’t. They were baffled that a plumber wouldn’t be able to do a simple job. They believe that Condola was either lying about the plumber or the plumber was busy doing something else instead of fixing said pipes.

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Issa and Condola got jokes.

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“So the plumber showed up to your place and didn’t know how to …. fix a sink? 🧐 Okay Condo,” one fan of Insecure wrote. “Okay, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who that her explanation was off,” another person cosigned. “Especially because it’s an easy fix… something’s fishy fish, 😂” yet another person agreed. Only time will tell if there’s more to the broken sink plotline and Condola really is cheating or seeing other people. We’ll have to keep tuning in to season 4 to find out.