‘Insecure’ Season 4: Fans Are Convinced Condola Hayes Might Be Pregnant

Issa Dee and Condola Hayes seemed like they were going to become great friends in Insecure Season 4 as they planned a block party together. Although the event turned out to be a success, their friendship did not as Condola ghosted Issa after she and Lawrence broke up. However, in Episode 8, Condola contacted Lawrence several times while he was on a date with Issa, leading many fans to believe she might be pregnant.

Insecure Condola Christina Elmore
Christina Elmore | Astrid Stawiarz

Condola Hayes on ‘Insecure’

At the end of Season 3, Issa (Issa Rae) met Condola (Christina Elmore) at Tiffany DuBois’ (Amanda Seales) baby shower. They later ran into each other while Issa celebrated her birthday, and the two struck up a conversation about her block party idea.

Condola agreed to help, and they worked closely together at the beginning of Season 4 to pull it off. The ladies were becoming good friends, but Condola began dating Issa’s ex of five years, Lawrence (Jay Ellis). Even so, they continued planning the party together until Lawrence and Condola broke up only a couple of weeks before the scheduled event.

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After the breakup, Condola ghosted Issa even though she stayed in contact with the vendors and showed up at the block party. The two haven’t spoken to each other since the event.

Condola Hayes wanted to meet with Lawrence Walker

In Season 4 Episode 8, Lawrence and Issa reunited and had an open conversation about their relationship. At Friendsgiving, Condola asked Lawrence if he had thought about what had happened if he had stayed with Issa after she cheated.

He apparently didn’t because he reached out to Issa, wondering if he gave up too easily. After their honest conversation, Issa went to the bathroom before continuing with their night.

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When she left, Lawrence checked his phone and saw Condola wanted to meet that night instead of on Tuesday as they previously planned. He told her it could be a possibility and that he would keep her posted, and she called an hour later.

Lawrence didn’t answer the call as he and Issa were at Art Walk but phoned his ex when Issa went to the bathroom in his apartment. He told her they should be able to meet, but he ended up spending the night with Issa instead.

Fans think Condola Hayes might be pregnant

Many viewers believe Condola could be pregnant, which is why she continually asked to meet that night. Some think Condola might have just wanted to rekindle something with Lawrence or acted like a “thirsty female” by wanting to contact him when he “left her hanging.”

However, others argue she was “way too persistent.” Additionally, Condola recently came out of a marriage and didn’t seem to want to settle down with a family too fast, so she wouldn’t be as “desperate” to get back with Lawrence.

Fans also think Condola being pregnant would ruin Lawrence and Issa getting back together unless the writers explore her deciding not to keep the baby.

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If Condola chose not to go forward with the pregnancy, as she’s already expressed her desire not to have kids, it would be a new topic for the show and could also explain why she wanted to meet with Lawrence a couple of days earlier than scheduled.

While many viewers hope Condola isn’t pregnant because they think it’s “too predictable” or an “overdone storyline,” it’s hard to imagine any other reason why she wanted to meet with Lawrence that night so badly.

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