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Things were going fairly well for Issa in Insecure Season 4. But events that unfolded in the Insecure Season 4 finale really threw a wrench in some of her plans. Let’s recap “Lowkey Lost” here and what it means for the lead character.

Issa Rae at a party for 'Insecure' in July 2017
Issa Rae at a party for ‘Insecure’ in July 2017 | Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for HBO

The opener of the ‘Insecure’ Season 4 finale

The finale begins with Issa and Lawrence meeting up at a market. Lawrence reveals that he scored the job in San Francisco he’d interviewed for a few episodes earlier, leading to a conversation about their future. They both agree that they want to make it work and will do whatever it takes to continue their relationship.

Meanwhile, Molly’s relationship with Andrew starts to unravel. The couple seems fine when they attend one of Molly’s work events together, but Andrew clearly becomes annoyed when Molly pushes him to get drinks with her and some colleagues later on.

Back at her house, they get into an argument when Molly tells him not to watch the Looking for LaToya reunion without him. He feels that he goes above and beyond to do things for her when she doesn’t do the same for him. As they hash things out, Molly denies a phone call from Kelly. On the second call, Kelly gets through and tells Molly that Tiffany is missing. She had told Derek she needed a break from the house and never returned.

Around the same time, Issa meets up with Nathan to check out his barbershop, which could be a possible venue for one of her future events. He apologizes for his previous comments about her getting back with Lawrence and admits he was more hurt over it than he thought it would be. Issa tells him she will understand if it’s too much for him, but Nathan says he is fine being friends. “I just wanted to be honest about how I felt,” he continues. “And the last thing I want to do is make your life more complicated.”

The search for Tiffany

Issa, Molly, and Kelly all meet up at Tiffany and Derek’s house, where they try to figure out where Tiffany could have gone. They take a bus to a few locations around Los Angeles, where Issa and Molly console Derek. The former best friends exchange glances that suggest they want to talk things out, but now isn’t about them.

The group eventually finds Tiffany at a hotel across the city. She has been struggling with postpartum depression and just “didn’t know what to do.” She apologizes and hugs Derek as her friends look on.


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Going back to Andrew’s, Molly asks him if they can continue their conversation from earlier. He tells her he doesn’t think they are on the same page. And it’s not just about the drama with his brother, either. Andrew has been feeling this way “for a while.” Molly tries to reason with him, but his mind seems up. He asks her why she’s fighting it and if she really wants to be with him, to which she gives a confusing nod with tears in her eyes.

The conclusion of the ‘Insecure’ Season 4 finale

In the next scene, Issa is at home cooking when Lawrence arrives. His facial expression suggests he’s not OK — and he’s not. He reveals that Condola came to his house a night earlier and told him she’s pregnant. It happened before he and Issa got back together.

Condola told him she’s keeping it and that Lawrence can be as involved as he wants. He does not comment on that, but knowing him, he probably will be in the picture. Lawrence stresses that he isn’t getting back with Condola either way and truly does want to be with Issa, but it’s way too much for her.

“I thought sh*t was finally… f*ck,” she says through tears.

Later in the day, Issa mulls over the conversation on her balcony while smoking a joint. When the night falls, she heads to a restaurant, where Molly has apparently invited her out to dinner. Molly tells her she’s glad Issa came and Issa tells her she’s glad she called. Their conversation starts to fade as Tyler, The Creator’s “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS” plays.