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Insecure fans are anxiously awaiting season 5. When season 4 ended, it was clear that the budding relationship between Issa (Issa Rae) and Lawrence (Jay Ellis) would be forever shaken by the discovery that Lawrence’s ex became pregnant. Now, fans are waiting to see if Issa and Lawrence will stick it out. Ellis is hopeful that their love story will continue and revealed in a recent interview what his hopes are for season 5.

Issa, Condola, and Lawrence
Issa, Condola, and Lawrence via Twitter

Jay Ellis says his character Lawrence is a good guy

Lawrence has had many hiccups. From being a couch potato in season 1 and the way he treated Tasha after his breakup with Issa, fans have had a love-hate relationship with him from the start. But after his glow up, and the new and improved version of him when he and Issa reconciled, many were happy for the possibilities of their relationship. 

But now that he has a baby on the way, fans don’t know how to feel. Ellis still believes that Lawrence is a good guy. 

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“I think Lawrence is a good guy – I do, I really believe that,” he told Nichelle Turner during his interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I think Lawrence has made some bad decisions and those seeds have now grown into full-blown trees and the fruit is here,” he joked.

What makes Lawrence a great guy according to Ellis is that by season 4, Lawrence took accountability for past mistakes, had an upfront and honest approach, and was more thoughtful and strategic in the way he handled things.

Jay Ellis was shocked to discover that Lawrence is having a baby

Just when things were looking up for Lawrence and Issa as a couple, Lawrence breaks the news that he’s going to be a father. His ex, Condola, has opted to go through with the pregnancy, despite Lawrence’s hint of opposition.

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As with viewers, Ellis was shocked to discover that Lawrence would become a father. He learned of the added storyline during the table read and his reaction was priceless.

“It’s 70, 80 people in this room and I remember reading that scene, and Condola saying ‘I’m pregnant,’ and I didn’t – Jay could not say Lawrence’s line because I was like *gasps*,” Ellis explained. “The whole room looked at me, waiting for me to say my line. I’m so shocked that this is what she’s saying. I will never forget that.”

Jay Ellis on what he hopes for in Season 5

The status of Issa and Lawrence’s relationship is unclear by the end of season 4. Showrunner Prentice Penny told Entertainment Weekly that Issa’s ex, Nathan, is not out of the picture, and that the Lawrence-Issa-Nathan dynamic will be further explored in season 5. For Ellis, he’s hopeful that the love story between Lawerence and Issa is able to continue, in spite of him becoming a father.

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“It is one of our great love stories, I do believe that. I hope they make it work,” Ellis said with a smile. “I hope people don’t give up on them because of this because I think love, just in general, is a bigger thing than that. Everything is about how you handle it, and the conversations, and being honest, and vulnerable with each other and I hope that people will at least give them that benefit of the doubt and let them get there and let them figure out what is best for them.”

Penny also revealed to fans during an Instagram story Q&A the motivation behind the pregnancy. Fans were distraught that this could potentially taint Lawrence and Issa’s relationship for good.

“Life is messy,” he said. “We don’t always get what we want. Relationships are not perfect.”

Ellis is optimistic and excited about how the writers will incorporate his journey to fatherhood next season. He also admitted that it makes him laugh thinking about how he’ll be able to navigate his new life, potentially with Issa by his side.