‘Insecure:’ What To Expect In Season 4

Fans were pissed when Issa Rae announced that Insecure would not be returning until Spring 2020—almost two years after season 3 ended. Rae’s schedule has been hectic as her acting catalog expands. She’s also started her own record label, and opened a coffee shop in Los Angeles, proving to be quite the businesswoman.

When the teaser for season 4 was finally released, fans minds were finally put at ease. As Rae promotes her two current films, she’s dropped hints at what the upcoming season will look like.

How did season 3 of ‘Insecure’ end?

Issa’s character struggled to get her foot on the ground after having a heart-to-heart with Lawrence in the finale of season 2. Season 3 opened with her on Daniel’s couch and dissatisfied for her job at We Got Y’all – the non-profit organization she’d been working for the past five years. To add insult to injury, she was struggling financially, leaving her stagnant in her living situation and unsure of what to do work-wise.

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As the season progressed, Issa began to take charge of her life. After realizing that Daniel was not the best option for her, she rid herself of him for good and stopped depending on men for validation. She took a huge step by quitting her job at the non-profit and finding a gig as an apartment manager that allowed her to live in her own apartment at a reduced rate.

Issa’s love life was also back on track. She met Nathan, who encouraged her to take risks. But when Nathan ghosted her, she found herself struggling to move on. Nathan returned and claimed he needed a mental health break from his own life, but the excuse wasn’t enough for Issa.

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Season 3 ended with Issa putting her foot down and not putting the needs of the men in her life first. She also gave her BFF Molly some choice words after Molly confessed that she’d shunned Nathan away, believing she was protecting Issa. Issa let it be known that she was in the driver seat moving forward.

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Issa Rae gives hints of what season 4 of ‘Insecure’ will show

The official trailer for season 4 has not yet been released but that hasn’t stopped Rae and the crew from sharing some behind the scenes moments. It’s already been confirmed that Issa, Molly, Tiffany, and Kelly are back for their usual shenanigans. As far as the men on the show, Rae recently confirmed that her former flames will also make appearances.

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Season 4 ended with Larence and Issa having more closure. She shared her business plan for her music festival with Lawrence, who was nice enough to give his ex some pointers.

In an interview with Variety, Rae revealed that Lawrence is back, with Ellis even directing an episode this season. In an interesting twist, Rae herself is not in the episode he directed. Ellis previously explained that Lawrence has the deepest emotional journey this season. 

As for how things will go with Nathan, Rae told Variety that Nathan’s mental health will be explored.

“We knew we wanted to end [Season 3] with that revelation, and we knew the following season, we wanted to go into it just a little bit more,” Rae said. “We didn’t want it to be some big plot twist like, ‘Hey, I’ve got to tell you this.’ We want that to build gradually so you’re kind of going on that journey with him.”

Insecure premieres on HBO on April 12 and will have a record-setting 10 episodes.