‘Insecure’s’ “TSA Full-Sized Bae” Says He Did Not Care to Diet for Love Scene With Issa Rae

Viewers of Insecure got the shock of a lifetime when a switch between scenes in the season 4 premiere was a love scene. For starters, fans were oblivious to who Issa’s new potential bae was, considering she was single by the end of season 3. For others, many were surprised that the new love interest was slightly larger in size compared to Issa’s past relationships and rendezvous. 

Either way, fans were impressed by her new boo’s performance, both in the love scene and throughout the first episode. “TSA Bae” proved to be a source of support for Issa, unlike her other love interests in the past. Viewers don’t know if this will turn out to be a full-fledged relationship for Issa, but they like what they see thus far.

“TSA Bae” introduced on season 4 premiere of ‘Insecure’

Viewers were introduced to Issa’s new fling, Calvin, also known as “TSA Bae.” Turns out that Calvin works as a TSA Agent at the local airport and has been seeing Issa for some time. The love scene between the two was awkward to start, but with a little communication, things turned out well and was a relatable scene to many viewers.

Fans were appreciative of Calvin as a “regular” and “relatable” love interest but also found him to be a breath of fresh air in the way he showed up for Issa. Though the two aren’t serious, he made fans’ hearts smile by not leaving Issa after their night of passion without a parting gift: Hennessy and a medicine vial of marijuana. They found it cute and promising. He also worked security for free at Issa’s fundraising mixer for her upcoming block party, something fans felt was a sweet gesture. 

More so, fans were impressed with Calvin’s chill but confident attitude. He did not get offended when Issa gave him suggestions during their love scene and jokingly told her, “you’re like a Rubix cube.” He even joked after it was over, telling Issa “Welcome to a full-size ni**a” when they debated over the temperature in her home.

Who is “TSA Bae” and how did he get the role?

“TSA Bae” is a stand-up comedian from Philadelphia named Reggie Conquest. After competing in the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Canada, he landed an agent and began going on auditions and meetings. One of the first was for Insecure.

“I remember I was the first one to go in. There was like six other fat dudes in the room and we all kinda looked alike,” he told BET. “I just signed my name and went in. What made it easy is I went in and it was a room full of people, like eight people.  So, I said I just gotta be silly. And I [got] it like that.”

Reggie Conquest hilariously recalls how did not diet for love scene on ‘Insecure’ – talks the difference between him and Isaa Rae’s other love interests

Despite the fact that a love scene between him and Insecure’s leading lady was lurking, Conquest says he did not diet for the scene. His character was supposed to be on the thicker side but he told BET that dieting or working out to get in some sort of shape never crossed his mind. It wasn’t until he dropped his role and the director yelled “action” that he was reminded.

“I didn’t do push-ups or anything. I had so much time to work on my body and work out, or try…I didn’t do ANYTHING,” he admitted. “I was in my trailer just texting my friends back home and I’m like y’all are no help. You woulda thought I’dda went on a diet or something but I’m eating all the craft services stuff. It was bad.”

Still, Conquest says his character is a fresh spin compared to Issa’s other love interests and brings a sense of reality to the show. 

“Calvin is a break from Lawrence and the other guys,” he said. “One time I saw The Shade Room post the characters Issa’s been with on the show as “Snack, Lunch and Dinner.” If they’re the snack, lunch and dinner, Calvin is the cheat meal.”

Conquest was initially nervous about being exposed in the way he had to in his love scene but he’s hopeful that “other full-sized n***as” gain a confidence boost from seeing him – just as he has from playing the character.