Inside Andy Cohen and Lance Bass’ Romance

The world of entertainment has always been one filled with hookups, breakups, and makeups. It’s often hard to keep track of who’s been with who, and often celebrities keep much of their business under wraps. Andy Cohen and Lance Bass, two people who are known for being extroverted open books, have a not-so-secret past themselves.

Andy Cohen arrives at Lincoln Center's American Songbook Gala Honors Lorne Michaels | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images
Andy Cohen arrives at Lincoln Center’s American Songbook Gala Honors Lorne Michaels | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Both Andy Cohen and Lance Bass came out well into their careers

In the late ’90s and early ’00s, Andy Cohen and Lance Bass were busy building their own careers. Cohen worked at CBS before eventually becoming vice president of original programming at Bravo in 2004. Bass, of course, was a part of the iconic boy band *NSYNC alongside Justin Timberlake.

Bass was just a teenager when he started touring with *NSYNC, and the members of the group became heartthrobs along with their contemporaries The Backstreet Boys. In 1999, Bass began dating Boy Meets World actress Danielle Fishel; the relationship ended after a year, and Bass continued to date women until he was 22 years old.

Bass made waves in 2006 when he came out publicly on the cover of People magazine. Rumors had been flying for a few years, and he felt pressured after he’d been spotted with former Amazing Race winner Reichen Lehmkuhl.

Cohen had been out to his friends and family for most of his adult life, but officially came out to the world in 2009 on the season 1 reunion of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Since then, both Bass and Cohen have been outspoken LGBTQ advocates.

Lance Bass attends the grand opening of Vanderpump Cocktail Garden at Caesars Palace
Lance Bass attends the grand opening of Vanderpump Cocktail Garden at Caesars Palace | Mindy Small/FilmMagic

Andy Cohen and Lance Bass hooked up back in the day

It turns out that Cohen and Bass have more of a shared history than we thought. They’ve both copped to the fact that they had a fling back in the day.

In 2015, the roles were flipped on Cohen’s show Watch What Happens Live when he was in the hot seat answering questions. When asked about who the most famous person he’s ever slept with, he admitted it was Bass.

A few days later, Bass cleared the air on his SiriusXM radio show Dirty Pop. “First of all, I’m not going to tell you what I do in the bedroom,” he prefaced before going into his romantic history with the Bravo host. “Sex is a broad term… like ‘Andy banged Lance’ — when did he ever say that?”

He clarified that even though the story made waves in 2015, they had discussed the tryst a few years earlier, and that it was long in the past. By that point, Bass was married to painter and actor Michael Turchin.

“This is an old story. [In 2012] we told everyone we hooked up… Now it’s getting into who did who? I can just tell you right now, there was no Andy D going in my B,” Bass said candidly. He added: “I’m not going to tell you what went down… but it’s not what people are thinking.”

Andy Cohen, Tamra Judge and Lance Bass
Andy Cohen, Tamra Judge and Lance Bass | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

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Andy Cohen and Lance Bass had kissed years before their hookup

Bass had just gotten out of a relationship that ended “terribly” and he “needed someone to hold onto.” “It just happened that Andy was with me on this vacation,” he recalled. “It was so nice and romantic and it was just a nice time.”

Cohen clarified on Twitter after the news came out in 2015 that it wasn’t exactly new information. “Hey kids I ‘revealed’ that fling w/ sweet Lance 3 years ago already… We’ve been through this before and he’s a married man now! #OldNews” he said.

Cohen and Bass also admitted that years before their hookup, they shared a drunken kiss on a boating trip with friends on Valentine’s Day in 2007. Cohen spilled the tea on The Wendy Williams Show in 2012, and Bass confronted Cohen about it on Watch What Happens Live not long afterward. “You’re a good kisser,” he told Cohen.

Bass talked about the incident later on his radio show. “It was nice. It was a nice little sunset kiss. Very romantic,” he smiled.